Every Few years we must do upgrades to insure security and functionality. We are in process of doing maintenance upgrades to the Account Portal. You will see a different looking login but the system will still function normally. This is part of a major system upgrades to modernize the interface , simplify procedures and improve single sign on.


It is now easier to log into your Account without having to click extra buttons which is more crucial than ever to control features that are being merged into the Account system. This Integration is being done in Phases over the next year after which the system will be completely integrated.

We have Updated the Knowledge Base with the latest information which replaced 3 knowledge areas (knowledge base , FAQ & Tutorials ) into a single master knowledge area with improved meta tags and search.

We have integrated the Firewall Self Unlock into your Account Portal, now if you do something that causes you to get locked out of your server or website the new system will auto notify you upon login via a popup telling you what caused the Firewall to be triggered and will automatically unlock you without requiring additional steps or codes like the old system.

We have consolidated all cPanel logins  so you can access any of your cPanel servers from your Account. This system has been in place for 3 years however we have removed the redundant cPanel login page which was causing confusion for customers with multiple servers across multiple data centers.

The Account system has always been the optimal way to log into cpanel because you only have to know one password which you can let your browser store, once logged into your Account you can access all domains and auto log into any of your cPanel Servers without additional login / pw's required. This system also properly maps the login to the correct server .This has become progresivly more important to allow us to balance new hosting servers across multiple physical servers and datacenters which requires dynamic yet transparent mapping.


See the knowledge base article Logging Into Your Cpanel for detailed explanation of how to access your cPanel in just 3 clicks. For those wanting to use the Direct cPanel login you can still do so via yourdomain.com/cpanel for  hosting, email or forwarding accounts.


The online Webmail system Icon has temporarily been removed so for webmail users go to webmail.yourdomain to access webmail until the new interface is completed.


Our programmers are working on the next phase which will complete the interface and further unify the Account and Server systems .

We are excited to be able to offer these new improved systems and will continue to strive to reduce the interface to the bare minimum and reduce the number of passwords and clicks to get to your server functions and improve ergonomics.

We will be updating these announcements with updates as they are applied.

Thank you.

Raymond G. Allin
General Manager

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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