Microsoft Front Page Server Extensions have been end of life since 2006 and are no longer supported by cPanel.  Front Page Extensions are being removed from the few remaining servers in our network by the end of Feb 2016 to facilitate system upgrades.

If you have a Front Page Website your main website will continue to work and you can still use Front Page using FTP method to publish updates to your website.  You can learn more about how to continue to use Front Page via FTP in this knowledge Base article.

We are developing a drop in replacment so that Front Page forms will continue to work however certain features such as Shared Borders and Counters will cease to work which will only effect new pages.

This is a good time to rebuild your site using our Drag & Drop website builder or any of the free or commercial web design software avaialable in your Webmaster resources of our knowlege base.  If you need help picking a new system to rebuild your site just open a support ticket and ask our staff for a review.

Friday, January 1, 2016

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