Secure socket layer  or SSL is a way to encrypt the connection between anyone accessing your sites browser and our server.    SSL was typically only required for sending sensitive information to the server like credit cards but google changed their standards and over time SSL has become the new normal so  now can also shows  as  (note the extra s) .  

Our cPanel servers now include a free lets encrypt domain validated 2048bit Sha2 encoded SSL that operates over TLS 1.2 and is already installed on all Hosting and Email Accounts.  This free ssl is recognized by 99.5% of browsers and covers your  base domain  www. as well as your  and your mail server

These new SSL certificates are good for 3 months and then automatically  renew so you will have continuous SSL coverage and you can view your SSL status via your cpanel Security / SSL Status  feature.

Just because you now have an SSL does not mean your website code is compliant.  Your software must include code to tell anyone going to your website to switch to  the new https   connection and this can be done  by options in our website builder or Wordpress options menu.  If you run plain html its simply a matter of adding or editing the .htaccess file to force https. 

In addition you can not mix https and non https links  anywhere in your website code so you may need to do a search and replace and also make sure the remote urls you embed are running https.  Read about https requirements in our knowledge base here:  Using SSL

You can test your site using this wonderful online tool  or open a support ticket for assistance.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

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