The Horde Webmail Client is being removed by cPanel in the next major update to 108 which we expect to occur in the next few months.  Once deprecated, you will no longer have the option to use Horde Webmail Client and it will be replaced with Roundcube webmail client as the new default Webmail interface.

This decision was made because the Horde Developers are no longer updating or maintaining the code and there have been no STABLE releases for more than five years and it has a dependency on a version of PHP that is reaching end of life.

Fortunately  Roundcube Webmail is fully updated and is considered easier to use and faster and your server will automatically migrate all Horde calendars and contacts to Roundcube when the server updates to cPanel & WHM version 108.

Although any Horde data will be converted to Roundcube format automatically, we strongly recommend creating individual data exports for anything important. From inside the Horde Webmail, you can export any email, contacts, or calendar data for import into Outlook, Roundcube, or another local mail client.


In addition to Roundcube you can install an alternate Rainloop webmail system using the Softaculious Script installer or open a support ticket to request assistance.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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