E-Commerce Options

  Adding E-commerce To Your Website

If you sell products or services then you will want to offer the ability for customers to place orders on your website.

Our Drag & Drop Website Builder already includes a built in Paypal Buy it Now buttons.  

If you are using a CMS like Wordpress we suggest you install one of the wordpress shop plugins.

If you are selling just a few items then you may want to use a third party store such as Ecwid or an Embedable System like Mals-e commerce  or use  Paypals shopping Cart embed code. If you are a low volume merchant and plan to sell online using only Paypal, then you can install any of the FREE shopping carts listed in your Script Installer and set them up to use Paypal, which has its own secure checkout and doesn't require a private SSL certificate.

If you plan to run a professional online store and have many products or services to sell then you will want to install a professional shopping cart such as Open Cart or Prestashop  using the Script Installer in your cPanel. 
Running your own hosted shopping cart that directly accepts credit cards using a commercial Merchant account can be significantly more complex than using a third party or Paypal only shopping cart system, however it will give you more control and often more advanced features.  This is for high volume merchants who can justify the additional costs and will require 5 different components:

  1. A shopping cart script installed on your server (this can be any of the scripts in the Softaculous system or other commercial shopping cart scripts you supply).
  2. A credit card merchant account for internet purchases (card not present).
  3. A payment gateway such as authorize.net  (gateways work by passing credit card data between your shopping cart and your merchant account).
  4. A 2048 bit SSL certificate configured for Mod_SSL on Apache web server.
  5. A dedicated IP address: in order for an SSL certificate to work, it requires an IP address that is not shared.

Upgrading to Dedicated IP Address

By default to comply with ARIN rules we must utilize a shared IP address for all standard hosting accounts.  If you are installing an e-commerce shopping cart, or desire to do any type of bulk mailing to a subscribed double opt in email list then you will require a Dedicated IP which is $3/month.



Geotrust Premium SSL

If you've decided to host your own shopping cart using your own merchant account you will need to install a 2048 bit security certificate.  Lowesthosting.com is an authorized Geotrust reseller and offers the Geotrust Quick SSL Premium with free installation for $99 per year.

The certificate includes a smart seal that displays the website name and dynamic date which can be embedded into your website via a small Javascript that you can install on your website shopping cart pages to offer confidence to the users that their credit card information is securely transmitted.

To add the Geotrust SSL with IP to your website contact support to open a support request and our billing department will send you an invoice.  Upon payment we shall install your dedicated IP address and certificate and you will then be able to configure  your shopping cart with the secure checkout URL of https://www.yourdomain.com

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