Domain Validation

 ICANN Domain Validation / Verification

ICANN — the organization that manages the Domain Name System  has implemented new rules as of 2014 that require all domain registrars and their agencies mandate domain owners verify domain registrant information for any of the following conditions:


  • A new domain is registered with unverified contact information.
  • A domain is transfered to a new owner.
  • A domain registrant updates their email address or phone number with unverified information.
  • We are notified or have reason to believe that a domains contact info is invalid.
  • A domain's 30-day or 5-day renewal notice (also called "WDRP") bounces.

All communication by the registrar is directly to your domain's Registrant / Administrative Email as last updated by you and may not be the same as your Billing Information.  

Per our Terms of Service, it is your responsibility to maintain your domain information to be accurate in agreement with ICANN whois accuracy requirements
Domain information is completely separate from your Account Billing System and it is outside of our control or responsibility to know what email addresses or phone numbers you use or if they are active  or routinely checked or updated further the domain is not our property to

If you received an email asking you to validate your domain its important that you follow the proceedures to approve the validation or your domain will be dissabled by the registry.  Domain validation emails are sent to the Domain Administrative Email Address so its very important to keep your domain infomation up to date.

If your domain is paid up and your website server online but your domain doesn't resovle, then your domain may have failed validation.  This can be due to your missing / ignoring emails sent to you or due to having an old email address listed for the domain that needs updating.  You can do a whois check  whois information and if your domains Status is "on hold" then it requires your validation.

Domain information is separate from billing information if verify is required, 2 emails will be sent to the domains current administrative email contact.  
The first email notifies that your domain will require verification and includes your current domain whois information and reminds you to update your domain if it is not correct. You can then log into your and go to the Domains / MyDomains / Domain Details section to unlock and edit your domain contact information to update it if required.

The second email will contain a unique link that will take you to a verification page at  as shown above.  Simply review the information and if correct click the verify button and no other action is required.

It is crucial that you verify your domain or your domain will be disabled at the registry level causing your website and email to be disrupted.



This means that all of the validation requests previously sent to your domain's registrant and administrative email address were ignored and your domain was put into "Hold Status" by the registry which dissabled and DNS effectively dissabling any Services using your Domain. Please keep in mind that once the domain is put on hold Lowesthosting and our domain manager and back end systems are dissabled from updating the Domain.

1. IF YOU CAN ACCESS YOUR DOMAINS REGISTRANT EMAIL ADDRESS:  Simply log into your registrant email address and locate the validation request and approve the validation and  your domain shall be reinstated within a few minutes. 

2. IF YOU CAN NOT ACCESS YOUR DOMAINS REGISTRANT EMAIL ADDRESS:  If the Registrant / Administrative email that you originally set into the domain is no longer active or you have lost access to it and forgot to update it , then you will be required to re-authenticate ownerhsip directly with the registrars compliance agency before the domains WHOIS information can be updated.  This will require that you provide personal identification or Governance Documentation and prove you are the owner.  In the past this was something Lowesthosting could do directly for our clients but as of 2017 changes by the registry have removed our ability to update domains once they are on hold.

You will need to submit the information via email to the registrar's Domain compliance department:

SUBJECT: Request to update Whois Information for domain XXXXXXXX (fill in with your domain)

I am a customer of who is your agent for the above domain. I have been told that domain verification emails sent to my former
email address were not responded to resulting in my domain being put on Hold Status.

I no longer have access to the original Registrant email and am  equesting that you update my domain whois to utilize my updated address /
email / phone below and resend the validation email so I can approve it and you can reinstate the domain.

The updated whois information should be:

REGISTRANT: (This is the owner of the domain)
CONTACT: (First , Last Name)
ENTITY: (Company , Individual or Organization)
ADDRESS: (Physical or Mailing Address)


ADMINISTRATOR - - - - (The person or entity in charge of managing the
CONTACT: (First , Last Name)
ENTITY: (Company , Individual or Organization)
ADDRESS: (Physical or Mailing Address)


BILLING- - - - (The person or entity in charge of paying the domain
CONTACT: (First , Last Name)
ENTITY: (Company , Individual or Organization)
ADDRESS: (Physical or Mailing Address)


TECHNICAL- - - - (The entity providing your domain and should not require updating)
CONTACT: Support Department
ADDRESS: Airport Way
CITY / ST / ZIP: Portland Oregon 97230
PHONE: +1.8007624913 <(800)%20762-4913>
FAX: +1.8007624913 <(800)%20762-4913>

DOCUMENTATION:  Please submit a current copy of one of the following government-issued documents showing the business entity's name and address: 
• Business license
• Certificate of Incorporation
• A 501(c)(3) letter from the IRS
• Any other government-issued documentation of business ownership.

If the account is owned by you as an individual, please submit a current copy of a government-issued driver's license or identification card showing
your name and address for the individual owner of the domain.

The registrar shall open a ticket in THEIR system and communicate with you as to any corrections or clarification or acceptable forms of
identification required to authenticate your ownership and resend the verification email. In most cases the domain can be reinstated within 1-7
days depending upon workload.

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