Opening A Support Ticket

Before You Open A Support Ticket Please Read This Overview

Our Systems are designed to allow you to self manage most problems and self learn how to use our systems.  You should not open a ticket for an issue until you have Logged into Your Account and reviewed our searchable Knowledge Base and Problem Guides.

Our support staff get incredibly busy and must spend their time on complex issues so we appreciate your respecting their time so they can continue to provide responsive custom answers to highly technical and billing or domain issues and their time is not wasted on common issues that are already addressed in our knowledge base.

Before you open a ticket  ALWAYS log into your Account :

1.  This will let you view Network notices specific to your Server(s) so if the problem is due to emergency or scheduled maintenance your you will know why and its estimated time of resolution.

2.  This will automatically unblock you your location IP address if it is fire-walled . Firewall conditions can be triggered when you have too many failed mail or cpanel logins or simultaneous connections but only effect your access from your IP location.

3.  Your account lets you to view if any domains or services are expired or  suspended for non payment and any open invoices.

4.  This will allow you to open a support ticket and view support responses without involving communication by email.  Although we do permit you to open a support ticket via emailing from  your ACCOUNT email, it can be problematic when your Account Email is outdated or Not working or your Spam Filters are blocking our replies.  Instead, open or view your tickets via your Account / Support section because it bypasses email and allows you to view the entire Conversation thread in date/time order.

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