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***** Always Log Into Your Account: (a) This will let you view Network notices specific to your Server(s) so if the problem is due to your server or service being down you will know about it (b) this will automatically let you know if your location IP address is firewalled, the reason why and will automatically unblock you. (c) This will let you confirm your domains or hosting are active and not expired due to non payment.

Account Problems

  • Problem Logging Into Your Account: TheAccount Portal uses the default email address and password sent to you upon signup.See Account Instructions . Make sure you are using the correct account email address. (account email address is not necessarily the same as server based email addresses that you create). If you lost or changed your Account password you can Request a Password reset.
  • Help.Domain Doesn't Work: help.your_hosted_domain will work as a shortcut only if your domain is active and using our name servers.  User  or to access our account portal instead.
  • Trouble Updating Account Profile or Sub-Account with New Email: Your Account has a main profile email address and you can add unlimited additional " sub account" users each with their own UNIQUE email address and permissions . This permits additional contacts that have either full access or just receive bills or for assigning a webmaster who can access your server without giving them billing or domain management access. Each contact must have its own unique email address. If you add or edit a user and get a "user already exists " error, its because that email is already in use by another sub-account or another profile. Choose a different email or remove the conflicting user.

    For example if your main profile used and your sub-user already is setup with and you wanted to change the main account to use (which conflicts with the pre-existing sub-account) first change out the sub-account to something like (it don't even have to be a working or real email just something that won't conflict) You can then change the main profile from without error and then return to the sub-account and replace the with and all will be well.



Domain Problems

There are 3 basic kinds of Domain problems:

1. domain is nulled / doesn't resolve   you type it into browser get your ISP error page:  If this happens and your domain is paid up its likely nulled by the registry due to your having ignored domain verification notices see : Domain Verification

2. domain resolves but misdirected :  usually wrong name servers or dns issue sending it to wrong location verify your using our default name servers or if using external name servers your DNS has the correct A record IP address for your hosting server as displayed in your cPanel server information.

3. domain resolves, displays in browser but no website comes up:  This is usually a code issue where its not loading often due to auto updates of yoru code that require a newer version of PHP  use the php manager in your cPanel to try newer PHP branch or check your error.log file for errors in your codes directory for clues.

  • Domain Is Expired: If you have auto bill set to on, a domain renewal invoice will be generated and a notification email sent to your Account Email 33 days prior to expiration. In addition 2 notices are sent by the registry to the domains Administrative Email Contact 14 days and 5 days from expiration reminding you that the domain requires renewal. If you don't pay your renewal all associated services will also stop working. You can log into your Account and pay the renewal invoice at normal pricing up to 30 days after expiration. If autobill is off then no invoice is generated but you will get a renewal reminder email only and you can log into your Account , go to the Domains section, and select renew domains to manually pay and renew your domain.
  • Domain Active But Services Not Working: If your domain is paid in full then either :

    1. That its name servers are not set to your Service Providers Network. For customers the domain must be set to /

    2. The domain is suspended by the Registry due to failing Domain Validation. Domain Validation is a new policy implemented by ICANN in 2014 to insure your domain contact information is accurate and working. If your domainWHOIS Status shows "Client Hold" then emails sent by the registry to you failed and they dissabled the domain at the registry level.
    To fix the problem Log into your Account Portal go to the Domains / Mydomains / Manage Domain link , Unlock your domain and update your Domains Registrant and Administrative email addresses to one that works. Upon saving the new information a new validation email be resent wtihin a few minutes. Once you approve the Verification the Domain your services shall return to their previous state. See new ICANN mandated Domain Validation Policy.


Server Problems


  • cPanel login Interface Will Not Open: If you click on the cPanel button your cpanel will open in ssl secure url in a new tab or window. If you don't see the cPanel your browser may have a pop up blocker preventing it from opening and you should permit it as an exception.

  • cPanel Password Not Accepted: You can log into your cPanel from within the newAccount Portal without any further login or password required.
  • Email User / Webmail Interface Will Not Open: You must use webmail.yourdomain to access the Email User panel. Do not use previously saved bookmarks as they will likely contain the wrong URL or session code. If Network Monitor ShowsSMTP/IMAP is online,go to your client area at help.yourdomain and log into your Account to insure your not firewalled.

Website Problems

  • Website Cannot Be Found: 1. go to and log into your Account Portal, if you get a firewall notice read the reason our security system blocked you. 2. Confirm that the Domain is active (not expired) in the Domain section and the hosting is active in the services section. 3. Confirm the domain Name Servers client are properly set to our name servers & ns2.lowesthosting.com4. view any emergency maintenance notices in your Account Area. 5. If you don't see the firewall message then the issue may be your ISP or one of the connecting backbones dropping packets or not connecting to our server. Try viewing your site via a Proxy such askproxy.comand if you see your site, then the issue is your ISP and you should go to the Tools section and run a local traceroute to determine the problem.
  • Website Loads and Domain Displays in Browser but Shows Error: Use File Manager to verify your Home Page is named index.htm or index.html or index.php and is properly in the public_html directory. If you are running any PHP scripts check the log.php or errorlog.php files within your scripts directory for more information or open a support ticket.
  • Website Updates Don't Display: If you uploaded new files but you don't see them 1. Your browser may be caching the old site files. Clear browser temporary files and retry. If no change, log into cPanel / File Manager and verify that files were put into public_html and not a subdirectory (often caused by specifying a path in your FTP software).

Email Problems


Trouble shooting Email is the single most complex issue we deal with because it involves many parties and dynamically changing block lists, blacklists and deferrals.
Problems can be with your server rejecting email it deems as out of compliance or mistyped email addresses, senders whos sending mail server rejects their mail from being sent due to attachment size or type , email that is forwarded into infinite loops, mailing lists or classified systems that redirect one email , busy or unreachable mail servers that have rate or ip bans , Sender policy framework failures or recipients who have blacklists or who are at maximum quota etc. We are including common Email problems and their solutions below however if you are unable to resolve the issue please OPEN A SUPPORT TICKET and include the sender email address, recipient email address, date/time, and any error / bounce messages and as much detail as possible. For inbound email issues you can search your inbound mail logs to confirm if the mail was received by your server.
  • Mail Client Software Cannot Connect To Server: If your Mail Software gives ""cannot connect to server" error, then either you are using the incorrect Mail Server Name or Port, OR you have been Fire-walled by the server. To verify Firewall log into your Account and if you see a firewall notice it will tell you why you were firewalled and automatically unblock you. If you are NOT Firewalled, confirm that you're using the correct Email Client Settings and that you're using FULL email account names ie: If your settings are correct then your local computer firewall or ISP may be blocking access. Set your local firewall to permit SMTP ports 25 & 587 & 465, POP port 110 & 995, IMAP port 143 & 993 and try again or try switching to a different port. If you still cannot connect to the server, go to the Tools section and follow instructions for running a local Traceroute from your computer to the mail server and paste the Traceroute output into a support ticket.

  • Webmail Won't Display: Access your webmail by going to webmail.yourdomain . If the actual webmail interface won't open then you are probably firewalled. To verify Firewall log into your Account and if you see a firewall notice it will tell you why you were firewalled and automatically unblock you.

  • Webmail Displays But Won't Access Password: Most likely your using the wrong password or your forgetting to use the correct CASE. Passwords are case sensitive so the password must be entered exactly as it was originally set. If you are not sure what your password is, log into your cPanel, click on the Email Account Icon and in the list of existing email names locate your email account and click the change password link to reset a new password.

  • Failed Email Login: Make sure you're using full email names ie: vs just info. To verify correct email password use webmail.yourdomain. If it works there, then checkEmail Client Settings in cPanel. If the Email / Password doesn't work in Webmail, go into cPanel / Email, locate the account and use the "change password" option to update the password.
  • Inbound Email Not Being Received: Non receipt of email generally falls into 3 reasons:

    1. The mail never hit your server: This can be due to the sender making a typo and not sending to your actual email address or the senders server not accepting it from them because it has a large attachment exceeding their sending size limit or has an illegal attachment type such as an executable or virus since the email was never actually sent by the senders mail server it never hits your server it will not appear in your inbound spam logs.

    2. Email is Dropped by your server and not saved.a) If it is Oversized: mail containing extremely large attachments over 20gb will be dropped . This mail will noted as "dropped" in your spam logs. b) Has malformed Headers: Mail that is not in the proper format as defined by the RFC standards. This mail will noted as "dropped" in your spam logs. c) Sent from a non standard or non existent TLD: Top Level Domain is the originating registry such as .com or .org. If someone sends you email from someone@wierdo This mail will noted as "dropped" in your spam logs.

    3. Email is scored as SPAM: Inbound email is analyzed by the Spam Assassin Engine to determine if its on a Real time Black List RBL, or the sending mail server is not the authorized seder specified in their SPF record or where the email contains words or phrases that match spam signatures or contain irregular ratios of images to text are marked as "SPAM" and either put into your inbox or spam folder depending upon your spam configuration setting.

    You should log into your cPanel and click on the Spam Assassin icon in the mail section and SEARCH for the senders email, if it is there and marked "HAM" you know it is on your server inbox. If it is marked DROPPED you should click the link to whitelist it and ask the sender to resend it. If it is marked "SPAM" you should click the link to whitelist and locate the spam in your spam folder. Note if you use POP3 and are not popping the spam folder you can log into your webmail at webmail.yourdomain to view the spam folder and move the mail from the spam folder to your inbox.

  • Cannot Send or Receive: Mailbox Quota Full, log into cPanel / Email and increase quota on effected account(s).
  • Blocked For Pop3 Access: Your email software is set to connect too frequently to the server to check email or you are manually over-checking your email. Your server will permit up to 80 pop3 connections per hour from any given IP address. If you have many email accounts or many computers all checking email frequently you can exceed this limit triggering a temporary firewall block which will reset in an hour. Solution log into your account to reset the firewall, then either change to IMAP method which permits more or continuous connection to the mail server OR set your mail software to auto check every 5 or 10 minutes instead of every minute.

  • Software or Device Asks for Password: You are likely using the wrong password, verify your password via webmail.yourdomain or log into cPanel/Email. Select the affected email account and click the "change password" link to reset your password.
  • Lost Email Password: Email passwords are encrypted and can not be retrieved however you can reset them to a new password by logging into your cPanel, click the Email Icon and select the "change password" option for the email account you desire.
  • Email In Webmail Disappears: If you are using POP to download emails from the server, they will disappear from Webmail. Solution: set your software from POP to IMAP method which will download a COPY of the email but leave the original email on the server so it will continue to be visible from Webmail.
  • Mail Sent Via Mailing List Not Received :If mail is being accepted by your other recipients, ask the specific recipient to whitelist your email address. Bulk Mailers exceeding 200 emails per hour limit will be blocked. Use Softaculous script installer to install mailing list program and throttle rate to 200/hour see.
  • 503 Error Valid RCPT Command Must Precede DATA This error occurs when you are attempting to send email but the actual email name and password hitting the server is not correct. It occurs in cases where the email client software is caching the credentials from another email account that was previously used. The solution is to check the check box in your mail software that says "check mail before sending", which will force a new credential lookup and should clear the cache. Make sure SMTP my server requires authentication is enabled.
  • Setting Iphone or Blackberry:Allow auto setup to fail (may take 2-3 minutes) then enter settings manually. (settings can be found next to each email account by clicking on the "configure mail client" link).

  • Max Defers & Failures Limit Reached: This error is triggered when an abnormal amount of email sent from your domain is not deliverable. You are permitted to send up to 200 emails per hour with a 10% deferral or failed limit. Recipients who are unreachable will be deferred for later delivery and emails that are refused because they don't exist are failed. If you exceed the 10% deferral/failure limit, the server's security system willput a temporary 1 hour block on sending email to anyone. It is common for spammers to exploit outdated or un-patched scripts or guess simple passwords, allowing the spammers to send spam as if they were a legitimate sender. Since spammers have a high percentage of failed deliveries, the ratio of failed/deferred mail to sent mail is one of the metrics used by the security system to trigger a blocking condition. This ratio is regardless of the quantity of mail sent and can be triggered whether you had3 out of 10 mails defer (30%) or 21 out of 200 (10.1%) non deliverables per hour. Solution: if your are sending bulk email to an opt in list within ourbulk mail policy guidelines, you should make sure you clean your mailing list. If you are not sending bulk email then check each of your email accounts for a large amount of returned/bounced emails which is an indicator that the email account was likely compromised and being used by a spammer and you should reset the email passwords.

  • Someone Sending Email To You Gets Returned:Bounce Messages means your server has refused someone's email and sent it back to them as non deliverable and will generally include a reason. Often this is due to the sender making a simply typing error. All email that actually reaches your server is logged in your Spam Assassin Mail Logs where you may confirm how it was processed and notify the sender to change their action that is triggering the refusal.

  • Mail Attachment Is Returned:Make sure your attachment is not ending in .exe or .js as most email servers will consider them a virus and block them. Make sure you don't attach files larger than 25mb in size as most ISPs will not accept them. Instead upload your attachment to your server using the file manager or ftp and attach a download link to your email, or put them into a password protected directory and supply both the download link and password.
  • Slow or Non Receipt:  We monitor our mail servers to insure they have a good sending reputation and that the mail queue for each server is processing quickly and not filling up causing delays.  Email is dynamic, the mail queue of the mail server operates serially one mail after another and includes all inbound and outbound emails of of other users can vary depending upon time of day and overall mail traffic but rarely has more than a few hundred mails in it meaning inbound / outbound  occurs in under a minute and we monitor our mail queues for any problems so we almost always know of a problem before you will and your server shows no history of mail queue size / delays. We can never guarantee acceptance of outbound email because the recipient may have filters or rules blocking or greylisting you which adds delays  but we can certainly assist you to validate that outbound email is being sent within under a minute of when your mail system submits it

    Allowable Emails Per Hour Has Been Exceeded: Your mail server permits a maximum of 200 emails per hour. This is the total number of emails that can be sent from all email accounts on the server as well as any email scripts such as form to email submissions. If you are getting email bounce messages that indicate you have reached or exceeded the limit, it means either you are sending too many emails for that hour or one or more of your email account passwords is compromised and spammers are using it to connect to the server to send Spam Email OR there is a form to email script or other scripting on your server is being exploited to send Spam.

    You should first check the inbox for ALL of the email accounts setup on the server and if you see one with a large number of bounces that look like spam that was SENT from the account and returned back as non deliverable will let you know that email accounts password was guessed by the spammer and you should change the password to a new secure one.
    If all your accounts appear normal then please open a support ticket and provide all details.



FTP Problems

  • FTP Connection Error:Verify you're notFirewalled, next verify you're using correct ftp server/ user/ password. Login to cPanel, click on FTP ""change password" to update or "configure FTP Client" to view FTP account settings.
  • Upload Fails: Make sure youDo NOT Set An Initial Directory In Your FTP Software or Design Program since your FTP account will automatically put your files into the public_html directory.
  • FTP Connects But Triggers Firewall: If uploading or downloading files using FTP software you keep tripping the Firewall, your FTP software is likely set to request too many simultaneous connection threads. Modify your software settings to reduce the number of threads to 10 or less. (more threads does not increase throughput only more slower threads).
  • Upload Successful But Can't See Changes On Website:Clear your browser temporary file cache and retry. If the problem persists, use the cPanel/File Manager to view files and verify your paths are correct and your files are directly within the public_html folder. It's very common for users to upload their website folder into the public_html directory instead of the files within the folder into the directory.Make sure the FTP name you create is NOT the same as your domain name.
  • Home Page Won't Automatically Open: Yourhome page must be named index.htm or index.html or index.php for it to automatically open. If you named it home.htm or site.htm you will need to rename the page which can be done using the File Manager or FTP.
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