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The Domain Name System (DNS) Is how traffic is routed for Web or Email or other services.  It is also used to broadcast various records that services like google may require which they use for validation purposes.  The majority of our customers use the name servers we provide.

If your domain is set to use our Master Name Servers & then we are "authoritative" for all DNS zone routing .  If you have hosting or forwarding you will have the ability to self manage your DNS zones directly or our staff can assist you.

Note*** Because DNS is complex and misconfiguration can cause problems with email or web traffic it is hidden in our standard hosting but can be enabled by opening a support ticket to a free upgrade to hosting advanced.  If you want to verify your Domain name servers you can review them in your Account by going to the Domains section and viewing the specific domains Name Server settings or using this online Whois check.



If you are using our services with an external DNS provider and pointing back to our servers it is your responsibility to monitor any changes in your target IP address and update your DNS Zones accordingly.  We publish all zones in our name servers in real time and  your DNS provider can DIG our for your current zone records using the following dig tool:

For hosting customers query the A record IP address in use.

For Email customers query  MX , SPF, DKIM, DCV    Note:  if your DNS provider offers recursive DNS adding just the MX IP may be sufficient.       

 mail MX   mail.yourdomain  defines the mail server hostname to transit email
 mail A   fill in with IP address from DNS dig tool  defines the mail server IP address
 _cpanel-dcv-test-record TXT   fill in with ascii data from DNS dig tool  DCV Record used for issuance of your mail server SSL Certificate
 @ or blank TXT   fill in with ascii data from DNS dig tool  SPF Record used to broadcast your designated mail server IP
TXT   fill in with ascii data from DNS dig tool  DKIM Record  used to broadcast your designated mail server DKIM Public Key
 webmail A   fill in with IP address from DNS dig tool  Maps webmail.yourdomain to our webmail portal interface


NOTE:  DNS can be extremely complex and if the zones are not correct your email would still send but would be rejected by the recipient. There are 3 types of zone conditions

1. REPLACE:  replace an existing zone with an alternate zone.  Ex: replace one MX with a new MX sending email through another provider

2. SUPPLEMENT : add a new zone where that type of zone can have multiple zones generally with differing priorities.  Ex: Adding Multiple MX each with ascending priority.

2. APPEND:  Edit an existing zone to include additional information. Ex: appending an SPF TXT record to include additional authorized third party ip ranges.

Lowesthosting staff are happy to assist you in setting custom DNS provided you include the entire zone(s) as they must exist on the server.  



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