We are pleased to announce that all of our shared servers have completed major upgraded to hardware and software.  These upgrades are designed to improve performance, stability and security and are implemented  in a way that will NOT cause any downtime to your shared hosting or email.

Filtering Edge of Network System (FENS)

*  More powerful dual CPU servers with higher 32 core thread count
*  8x More (96) GB of Ram per server
*  Dual High performance SSD Hard drives in Raid mirroring to insure data integrity are 7x faster then standard sata drives.
*  Larger backup drives permit storage of more daily backups storage

*  Latest Cent 7 / Cloud Linux Operating System

*  PHP Multi Selector now permits more php version options for legacy, stable and bleeding edge  PHP 5.6, 7.2 , 7.3 
*  Light speed Apache caching module improved php performance for Wordpress and Drupal websites.

*  Cloud Linux Cage File System improves  user file and resource isolation
*  New Mysql Governor prevents a single user from abusing the central database server improves stability.
* New Imunify 360 security system  better protects our users from malware infections or external attacks or exploits
*  New Jetbackup cPanel extension permits you to self restore files, databases or emails directly from our nightly backups.

  • Coming in 2020....  * New Spam Filter Pro v 1.1 updates with more features and better spam blocking options
    *  New motion video option in website builder

NOTE TO ALL USERS:  If you have correctly set your phone or mail software to use your mail server mail.yourdomain  nothing will be effected.  If you used a specific server hostname ie: serverx.lowesthosting.com  or IP address you will need to update your system to the proper mail.yourdomain for you to map to the correct mail server.  Email servers are fluid and can change but this will never effect you if you use the correct mail.yourdomain settings. See knowledge base on configuring  your software or device.

NOTE FOR EXTERNAL DNS USERS:  If your domain is NOT using our name servers ns1.lowesthosting.com  / ns2.lowesthosting.com then you are using an external DNS provider your servers ip address and mail server hostname may have changed.  Refer to our DNS info page to insure your DNS zone records are up to date.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

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