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Understanding IMAP vs POP and SMTP and SSL

Once you have Created Your Email Accounts in cPanel you will need to enter the Account Settings into your email client software or Mobile Device. Alternately, you can forget about entering settings and just use our online webmail system at webmail.yourdomain  

If you are using an external system such as a computer, ipad or phone to communicate with the server you must enter various settings that it will store so that it can connect to the correct mail server and authenticate your email account by its password.

Think of it like going to a secret club;  you must know which building to go to (thats the mail server to use) and which door to knock on (thats the PORT) and which PROTOCOL (like language) you use to speak to the doorman and the EMAIL ACCOUNT (like the name on the list) who is authorized to go in and the PASSWORD (the secret answer) you must know for them to let  you in.  If you get any of those wrong  you won't get into the club.

There are two protocol options to communicate to the server over SSL or non-SSL.  SSL is considered the secure way and scrambles the information you enter and unscrambles it on the server end.  SSL does do this, however once the mail is unscrambled at the server it is transmitted across the Internet in plain text and thats how its always been so It's a bit misleading to think that using SSL is really any more secure than non-SSL and regardless of which method you use it is still very difficult for someone to hack into the transmission stream.  If  you ever do need to send top secret things via email that is done using PGP encryption which is a different topic.

Mail Server:  Your mail server is mail.yourdomain       ie:   or your server name as displayed in your cpanel server info .  Your mail server will process standard or ssl connections.

SENDING EMAIL:  All email is sent via SMTP  " simple mail transport protocol " and the PORT (kind of like door) that you use to connect to the server to depends on if you are connecting over  SSL or not. 

For SMTP sent over SSL  use port 465
For SMTP sent over NON-SSL use port 26

RECEIVING EMAIL:  To the server an email is just a file and there are 2 protocols available to access it.  You can leave it on the server and read it remotely (IMAP) or you can download it (POP3).  IMAP has become the protocol of choice because it is faster and allows multiple devices and multiple users to all access the same email without clearing it.  POP3 is the older protocol which downloads the email to  your computer deleting it on the server in the process.  You can not reliably mix the two methods because if you POP the server the mail is now gone so your phone has nothing to read.  This is why we always suggest user select IMAP to read email.

For IMAP  use port 993
For POP3 use port 995

For IMAP  use port 143
For POP3 use port 110



Most devices and software will auto detect which ports to use and all you need do is enter the full email name ie: and the password and they will set everything up for you.  You can also use the automated settings listed in your cPanel next to each email account under "Connect Device".   If  your device or software ask you if our servers "Require Authentication"   check yes  that simply means our servers won't allow your system to connect without a password.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE TO ANYONE USING THIRD PARTY DNS :  If your domain is mapped to our Name Servers  you can ignore this section.  If you ARE using third party DNS such as cloudflare or another hosting company's name servers, then that company is Authoritative for your domain and handles all routing of email traffic.  It is then your responsibility to insure their DNS zones are set correctly.  Refer to this article on using Third Party DNS.

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