Auto Responders

Configuring Email Auto responders

An auto responder allows you to send an automatic reply to any inbound email message. Common uses are when someone is temporarily on vacation, or for a sales or information request where you send an instant acknowledgement, or to notify senders that the email address they are sending to has been changed to an updated address.

You can centrally manage all auto-responders from within cPanel or any webmail user may also create them from their webmail.yourdomain interface.


To Add an auto responder

Click on the "Add Auto Responder"


1. Select Character Set: Leave at utf-8 for standard characters.

2. Interval: This is how long before the autoresponder will reset once its been triggered. Example: bob@yahoo sends email to which has an auto-responder with an 8 hour interval. The first time bob sends his email to sales he will get an auto-responder but if he sends another reply to sales within 8 hours no further auto-responders will be sent.

3. Email:This is the address that the auto-responder will be sent from. Enter an EXISTING email address or FORWARDER if you expect people to reply, or a NON EXISTANT email such as if you want it to be an Announce Only auto-responder.

4. From:This is the From Label added before the email address. Example: If you added Bob Smith the email would say from "Bob Smith" <>

5. Subject: Subject of the Auto Responder.

6. HTML: Check this box if your Auto-responder will include HTML.

7. Body: Enteryour Auto-Responder message in either plain text or HTML.

8. Duration:These options affect when the Auto-responder will start and how long its duration period will be.


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