Script Installer

Script Installer

The Softaculous script installer is integrated into your cPanel and allows you to self-install common scripts such as Content Management Systems (website portals), Blogs, Forums boards, Shopping carts, Guest books and many others to add functionality to your website. Many of these scripts require a Mysql Database which the installer will automatically generate for you.


The installer permits you to choose the directory to install the software but defaults to a sub-directory of your website. In some cases, the script is designed to become your entire website and you will want to install it in your websites main public_html directory so that when someone goes to the script opens automatically so check the default directory and remove the default sub directory set by the installer. In other cases, you may want the the script to be asubdirectoryof your main website such or then link to it from your main website using meta redirect or .htaccess. Our staff is happy to assist you in using the script installer or installing the script of your choice.

Caution: If you are installing a script in your main public_html directory there is always a chance the script will contain files or folders that will overwrite your current website files or folders. If you have any doubt, you can do a test installation in a subdirectory first and use the file manager to inspect what files and folders are created. If you choose to install a script in your main public_html directory along with other existing scripts or website files, you may wish to take a backup of your website either using the file manager to select all files and make a compressed backup or use theBackup Wizardso you can revert it should there be a scripting conflict.


Receive Script Update Notifications: Scripting is a wonderful way to add functionality but requires that you maintain the script so you are running the latest version. This is crucial because the script developers will not only add improvements and features but fix bugs or security exploits as they are discovered and this will insure reliable operation. When you use the script installer make sure you enter a working email address and as softaculous receives notices of security or version updates they will notify you of them via email and you can then either use the scripts internal "update" button / procedure or in many cases the installer itself will permit you to install the upgrade without any technical knowlege.


There are over 130 Software Scripts you can choose from to add to your website.

Note: Lowesthosting only provides your server and is not responsible for configuration, integration or maintenance for any scripts you install or our staff install at your request.
If you elect to install a script it is your responsibility to maintain the script with any security or code updates. In most cases if you have difficulty our staff can attempt to assist you however extensive work would require a quote for our managed services staff to address. We suggests that you only install scripts from providers that have a history of regular updating (check their changelog) to insure the provider maintains their code base for security patches and to be campatible with current versions of php and mysql.

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