Accessing Your cPanel Server

cPanel is the Server graphical interface used to create new Email Mailboxes, Email ForwardersAuto-RespondersFTP Accounts, Protected DirectoriesDatabasesInstall ScriptsManage Filesview Statistics and more.   You will use your cPanel to initially to configure the services you will routinely use.

Your Account Portal Login lets you access all of your billing and domains as well as all your cPanel servers from your single sign in without having to remember each server's login or passwords and will also let you Auto Unblock Firewall and is the recommended way to access your server(s).  Account Portal Instructions are located in our Knowledge Base.

  Log into Your Account via  or the Client Link on the website using your Account Email and Password.  Note: Your Account Email Address is the Email you used for signup or you last updated and should not be confused with Server Based Email Accounts you create for your Business or Family on our servers.


1. Click on Servicies / My Services Menu

2. Click on the View Details for the Hosting Server

3. Click the blue Log Into cPanel Button

Video Tutorial How To Access Your cPanel From your Account.

DIRECT CPANEL LOGIN: There may be times where you wish to give a webmaster access to just one of your servers without access to all of them.  You can view you the cPanel login & password for any specific Server or change its password by going to Services/ My Services/ View Details/ Change Password.  This will display your current direct cpanel login which is fixed and password which you can update if desired.  To access the Server go to


YOUR CPANEL FEATURES:  Your cPanel is setup using our clean and smart template and will appear similar to the view below:

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