Email Accounts

Adding Mailboxes, Changing Quota, Resetting Password, Viewing Configuration For Email Software or Phone

Adding Email Box Accounts


Mailbox accounts allow you to send, receive and STORE email on the server. You will initially log into your cPanel server to create your Mailbox Accounts and once created, you will use your ComputerEmail Client Software,Mobile Deviceor the onlineWebmailsystem to actually send or receive your emails.

Add an email mailbox account

  1. Click on the Email Account icon in cPanel.
  2. Type the email address to be created in the Email field. (Emails CAN contain only Alpha Numeric Characters as well as period, underscore or dash.)
  3. Choose a STRONG password for the Password field or click the Password Generator to have a strong password generated for you.
  4. Enter the size of the mailbox (2048 max) or Unlimited.


Mailbox Account List

After you create your email mailbox account, it will appear in your mailbox account list which permits you to manage:

  • Storage space consumed.
  • Change a password.
  • Change a quota limit.
  • Delete the email mailbox account.
  • Access an account through webmail.
  • Configure Your Email Client (software or mobile device)

Account Settings To Configure Your Email Client or Device

Clicking on the "Configure Email Client" link above will display the configuration page that will give you all the mail server settings for that email mailbox account that you will use toconfigure your email client softwareor yourmobile device.

The page is broken into 2 sections:

STANDARD:Standard settings use your mail server and are ideal whenconfiguring your computer softwarethat will connect to the server from your home or office

SECURE:This is the suggested method to use when accessing your server over public networks for mobile devices.

Managing Spam For Your New Email Account:
By default we enable spam filters that are set to medium theshold sensitivity to put any spam that is discovered into your SPAM folder. To learn more about how you can optimize the spam filters refer to the Spam Assasin section.

If you lost the password for a Domain Based Email Account you setup on your server:

Email passwords were set when you created the email account on your server and are encrypted and not recoverable. If you want to confirm a password that you have is correct for a given email account you can test it using the online webmail system at webmail.yourdomain and if accepted you know its correct. If you lost the password for a given Email account you will need to log into cPanel, select the Email account, and use the "Change password" option to assign a new password to it. SeeEmail Accounts Remember to give each email account a unique and STRONG password.

Note: if you have too many failed logins to the email system the server security system can interpret it as an attack and block your IP address from server access, if you suddenly can't access the webmail interface or your website or your softare says can not connect to server then check the firewall status by logging into your Account. If you see a warning that your IP was Firewalled you can go to the Support / Firewall menu to self unblock the Firewall.

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