Email Forwarders

Email Forwards

Email Forwarders are created in your cPanel and forward all email sent to one email address to another. TheForwarder Destination can be amailbox accounton your server, or any external email address of your choosing. An email address used for a forwarder that has no associated mailbox account is known as a Virtual Forwarder or Alias.

Example 1 Mail going to mailbox account is forwarded to another mailbox account:

You have a mailbox setup for where it is stored and accumulates as an archive. In addition you can setup a forwarder so that a copy forwards to your sales manager or to bob's personal email at

Example 2 Using Forwarders to consolidate email from multiple inbound accounts to one multi-use outbound account:

Your website has different email addresses (info, webmaster, billing, orders) that you don't want to setup mailbox accounts and have to check each one. Instead you create them as virtual forwarders (email that can only receive) and forward them all to your mailbox account so you only have to check one mailbox account instead of many.

Example 3 Using Forwards to alias alternate email names:

Your main email box is but you'd rather give out a simpler shorter email so you create a forwarder for joe@yourdomain that forwards all inbound email to your main account.

Adding A Forwarder

Click the Forwarders Icon in cPanel, next click the "Add Forwarder" button and enter the Email address you want to forward FROM; next enter the forward TO destination email address and click the Add Forwarder Button to save it.


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