Bulk Mail Policy


Bulk Mail Policy

Lowesthosting’s Bulk-Email Policy is to prevent email SPAM though education and proactive practices

Approximately 97% of all email transiting the internet is SPAM and adds up to nearly 2 billion unwanted emails a day. This wastes Internet bandwidth, computer CPU processing power to perform spam analysis and rejection , and ultimately human, natural and financial resources.

More importantly Lowesthosting.com is committed to insuring that your mail server is stable and reliable. For this reason we can not permit anyone to abuse the mail server which can cause long email delays called mail queues or practices that get the mail servers IP blacklisted which causes delays or non delivery requiring our staff to re-route or reassign new IP's' and contact the RBL's to get de-listed wasting valuable engineering time.


Lowesthosting has zero tolerance for Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) aka SPAM. We actively promote policies and practices that help reduce and prevent the sending of UBE.

Before your organization begins using Loweshosting servers, you agree that:

  1. Your organization will publish a bulk-email-complaint email address (such as bulk-email@asitedomain.com) in a conspicuous place on its website;
  2. Your organization will register its bulk-email-complaint email address at abuse.net, and will promptly respond to messages sent to that address
  3. Your organization’s intended bulk email recipients have given consent to receive bulk e-mail via a documented opt-in procedure;
  4. Your organization’s procedures for obtaining consent include reasonable means to ensure that the person giving consent is the owner of the email address for which the consent is given;
  5. Your organization keeps records of the recipients’ consent in electronic or other form that may be promptly produced on request, and you honor the recipients’ and Lowesthosting’s requests to produce consent evidence within 72 hours of receipt of the request;
  6. Your organization has a system in place that allows a bulk-email recipient to revoke his or her consent (such as a link in the body of bulk emails), you honor revocations of consent within 72 hours, and you notify recipients that the revocation of their consent will be implemented in 72 hours;
  7. Your organization has a Privacy Policy published on its website;
  8. Your organization will ensure that all bulk email includes the recipient’s email address in the body of the message or in the “TO” line of the email;
  9. Your organization will not attempt to send bulk email to any email address if three (3) consecutive delivery rejections have occurred and the time between the third rejection and the first rejection is longer than 15 days.
  10. These policies apply to all bulk email sent using Lowesthosting’s Email servers, and to bulk email sent from any network by your organization or any person on your organization’s behalf that directly or indirectly refer the recipient to a site hosted by Lowesthosting.com.
  11. In addition, your organization may not use other bulk-email services that do not practice similar procedures for all emailings resulting in UBE being used to to target your website with Lowesthosting.com. These requirements apply to distribution lists created by third parties to the same extent as if the list were created by your organization.

Lowesthosting may monitor your organization’s compliance with these requirements, including requesting opt-in information from a random sample of your email list at any time. In addition, Lowesthosting may block the transmission of any bulk email that it believes, at its sole discretion, may violate these provisions.

Learn more about SPAM,the difference between SPAM and legitimate bulk emailand how to conduct aPermission Pass to protect your legitimate bulk-email list.

Learn more about theCAN-SPAM Act


Emails Per Hour: There is a 200 outgoing email hourly limit per domain. If you send over this amount in any hour, most of the e-mails will bounce back with an undeliverable error. If this occurs, it will then take some time for your account to be able to send again so we recommend waiting at least 1 hour after this issue occurs to begin sending email again. You can install phplist mailinglist manager from your script installer which permits throttling your mailing to comply with these limits.

Connections Per Hour: Many of our servers have a limit of 60 POP3/IMAP checks per hour per each user's connecting IP address. If you go over this you're likely to get a wrong password error message or an error stating "login incorrect". If this occurs, please wait an hour and it will automatically unblock you. To prevent this from happening again, please make sure to disable auto checking or at least set it to something higher such as once every 10 minutes.

Mailing List Size: Any mailing list larger than 3,000 addresses will require a dedicated server or VPS hosting solution from us. Note: Dividing one large list into smaller lists to get below this limit is not allowed.

Large List Mailed During Off Peak: Any mailing list over 1000 email addresses is only allowed to be sent to during off-peak times to prevent high server loads or long mail queues preventing other clients from sending their emails in a timely fashion. Off peak times qualify as all day Saturday and Sunday, and 6pm - 6AM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

Mailing Lists Rules

1. Any time you're sending a message no matter how large your e-mail list is you must throttle it. We recommend you throttle it to at the very least sending 1.5 emails per second. If the mailing list software you're using does not allow you to throttle you must switch to an application or script that will. We recommend PHPList, which can be found in your CPanel under Script Installers.

IMPORTANT:If you do not throttle and you try sending more than 200 emails at once the server mail rate throttle will reject the mailing on our shared servers. This will cause a very high load on the server and the entire server will be sluggish, potentially affecting your sites and service, until this sending process is completed. It is our job to keep the server up and running without being sluggish or experiencing issues. Anyone who causes the server's load to go high will be suspended and the process will be terminated. If you choose not to throttle, you will most likely be suspended for crashing the server.

2. The list must be a Double Opt-In list. This means a user has subscribed for a newsletter or other email marketing messages by explicitly requesting it and confirming the email address to be their own. Confirmation is usually done by responding to a notification/confirmation email sent to the email address the end user specified. The double opt-in method eliminates the chance of abuse where somebody submits someone else's email address without their knowledge and against their will. You will not be permitted to mail any mailing list that you were given or purchased. In doing so, this will also be considered spamming and may result in termination of the offending account.

Email Scripts must be able to handle and document all information from a double opt-in list. This includes processing opt-outs (via web or email) and list removal on bounce backs. All opt-outs or bounce back removals must be handled in a timely manner, and outbound mail must be throttled on shared packages to a maximum of one hundred (100) emails per hour. If your account is found to be using a script that does not meet these requirements, Lowesthosting reserves the right to suspend, terminate, or deactivate your script or account.

3. Any unsolicited e-mail being sent will result in suspension or termination of the offending account. We take a zero tolerance stance against sending of unsolicited e-mail and other forms of spam.

4. Any mailing list MUST comply with all guidelines set forth by the United States government. These can be found at:

5. No direct SMTP mailers are allowed. An example of this would be a Darkmailer or The Bat!. Any mail should be sent through the local mail server/MTA for further delivery by the server and not done directly by scripts.



Before doing any bulk mailing please remove duplicates and insure your emails are properly formatted and verified deliverable. We suggest you use thisfree toolfor basic cleanup and abulk mail validation serviceto scrub your list of non existent or misspelled emails addresses before dong a mailing. If your list is not clean and has more than 10% non deliverable the server will issue a temporary block to your mailing and issue aMax Defers / Failure warning.

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