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The Jet backup system is located in the Files Menu and permits you to view and restore a point in time backup of your website files, Emails, Databases or DNS zones as well as download any backup to your local computer. takes 1 nightly external backup of your entire account going back up to 14 days.  This means if you made a catastrophic mistake and wiped out your files or emails or your Website  was hacked or infected with malware you can restore the appropriate system from one of the backup snapshots within that time period.   We have enabled full account downloads so you can store your own full account backup to your computer allowing you to create a point in time backup beyond the 14 days window.

Note:  The backup / Restore system can permanently overwrite data or emails if not used correctly, for example if you are careless you can overwrite all of your new database changes or new email accounts that occurred since the most recent backup causing permanent data loss.  In example: If you accidentally downloaded all the emails from  which removes them from view by your webmail or mobile phone and want to restore them but NEW emails continue to arrive.  If you restored the most recent backup from yesterday it will overwrite any of the NEW emails received today.  For this operation to work you would locate the email folder and rename it then restore from yesterday then use the cPanel file manager to move the new emails from the original folder to the newly restored folder.  If you are not 100% sure we suggest you open a support ticket and explain exactly what you want to restore and have our staff do it for you.

Feature Description
Restore or Download file(s) or folder(s) from any available point in time backup.   This system has its own file manager and allows you the option to restore a single missing file or a folder containing hundreds of files including files within your /home  or /home/public_html web directory.   Restoring files or folders will overwrite any existing files so you should be 100% sure this is what you desire because once overwritten if the backup had missing or corrupted files you might not be able to recover them.  We suggest you use the cPanel File Manager to rename the public_html web directory  to  "public_html_original"  THEN select the  public_html folder from the backup date you want to restore.  This will restore your website directory from backup while allowing you to retain the "public_html_original" files should they be required.  If you need to view or restore hidden files Check the box to display hidden dot folders or files such as .htaccess.   Note Restoring public_html backups will NOT effect your current Email or Databases or DNS .
Restore or Download any Email Account(s) from any available backup selected.  Use this feature to restore the ENTIRE email account such as   which will include its  current / new / draft emails.  Keep in mind this will overwrite any new emails received since the backup date.  If your goal is to restore a specific email within an email account that will take more time and require you use the File Backup option to identify the actual email file within the home/mail/yourdomain/mailaccount  directory in various new / current or draft directories.
Restore or Download any Database(s) from any available backup selected.  Note this will overwrite your current database.  In many cases if your database appears "missing" it may actually exist but have a corruption in the tablespace which would prevent it from appearing.  If you restore you could  overwrite that database hidden or not.
Restore or Download any DNS zone from the backup date selected.   If you have a custom / complex DNS custom zones you can use this option to restore or download a backup copy of your DNS zone files which are then mapped to our name servers.
Restore or Download any Cron Jobs from any available backup date selected.  
The backup system can get busy if multiple users are doing restores at the same time or if you have large restoration .  All restores must be fetched and incremental snapshots combined into your final backup information and the Queue will show you the status of any restores in progress so you know when they are done replacing the files on your site or the external download file is completed.

Note:  Our servers are for web hosting  and email .  We are not a file storage service therefore the backup system skips the following compressed or media file types:  .tar.gz / .tar / .zip / .wav / .mp3 / .aac / .flac /  .wma / .mpeg / mp4 / .avi / .wmv / .mpeg-4 / .mpeg-2 / .mov

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