Front Page Extension Phaseout

Microsoft FrontPage & Publisher

Microsoft stopped making new versions of their FrontPage Web & Publisher design software in 2003.

That means that Microsoft no longer creates new versions of FrontPage for you to use on your own computer, and they don’t create new versions of the “server extensions” for Web hosting companies.FrontPage features (including hit counters, guestbooks, feedback forms, and search boxes) relied on these server extensions and will not work on modern web servers.

The good news is you can replace those features and still utilize your existing website html / css content. FrontPage can still be used for basic page design and publishing tasks just keep in mind the special FrontPage features aren't supported and you must switch from publishing using http to FTP which means you must create an FTP account on your server.

To Publish Your FrontPage Web Using FTP

1. Create an FTP account on your Server using cPanel.
2. In Frontpage open your web and make any updates you require.
3. On the File menu, click Publish Site.

5. In the Remote Website Properties select FTP as the method and enter ftp.yourdomain in the remote location bar and (leave directory location blank)
6. Specify whether you want to publish only pages that have changed or all pages.

7. Click Publish.

Because you are publishing to a Web server that is not running the FrontPage Server Extensions, a warning may appear notifying you that your Web contains features that require the server extensions. If you cancel publishing in the middle of the operation, files that have already been published remain on the destination Web server.

  • You can replace custom FrontPage hit counters with the custom hit counter we provide.
  • You can replace custom FrontPage feedback forms with the Form to Email Generator we provide or use the app installer to install the form to email script.
  • FrontPage guestbook pages and search boxes will not work and should be removed. you can use the app installer to install a stand along guestbook at yourdomain/guestbook and link to it from your site.

Drag & Drop Website Builder
If you’re looking for a simple way to redesign your site and manage it from scratch, you may want to consider the free Drag & Drop Website Builder (that is included with your cPanel. The drag and drop builder now has the ability to import your existing site using the Import function while your old site is still online  and once you've imported you can delete the old site you can make updates and and when ready to go live select the publish option.


Wordpress is a popular Content Management System that can be installed on your server and permit you and your staff to build and edit a modern high functionality website. See our Building your website guide for more information on Wordpress or use the app installer to install or open a ticket and our staff will do it for you.
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