Working With Web Designers

Using a Web Designer

Web designers are professionals who are experts at logo design, photo editing, graphics design, HTML and JavaScript / Jquery and scripting integration.  Most designers cost in the range of $15-$45 per hour and are worth every penny, as they will take the burden off you and give you (in most cases) an excellent, professional website.  If you are doing a more complex application based system that involves databases or custom programming, then your designer will often bring in a separate programmer to develop custom scripting or modify existing GPL scripting to meet your needs.  If you're the kind of person who's very busy, or wants a top notch result then working with a designer is well worth it.  You can find local designers in your area by searching Craigslist or you can find designers throughout the country or world by searching online, using directories like

If you choose to use a Web designer  you will need to Authorize them to have access to your cPanel Server and the ability to open support tickets with Lowesthosting.  You can do this by adding them as a Sub-Account and providing them with limited access permissions so that they don't have access to your domain or recieve financial notices that shoudl only go to the account owner or manager.

Adding Sub-Account Users in your Account Portal Instructions.

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