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Website design is a mixture of Layout, Navigation, Color, Content and Graphics built using various programming languages and databases. In the past this required highly technical programers and designers working together to build and maintain the website.

Today there are many easy to use WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) methods to build your website.
What's great about a website is that it is dynamic and you can keep changing it until you get it the way you desire and your only limits are your time, patience and aptitude. Often times even if you plan to bring in a professional web designer you can do a pre-layout using some of the simple tools to explain your ideas.

Our primary job is to provide you or your designer with the tools you will need to build your website, or to provide you with guidance to help you accomplish your goals. If you have a specific application and are not sure which system to use, feel free to open a ticket and explain your needs and what level of time and aptitude you have and we are happy to advise you on what options you may want to explore.

Drag & Drop Website Builder
Our Drag & Drop Website builder is the simplest fastest way to build a general purpose website in as little as 10 minutes. It is integrated into your cPanel Server and lets you build and update your website online without the need to install anything.

Online CMS
Content Management Systems like Wordpress, Joomla or Pligg are ideal for more advanced websites and let you and others build and manage your site online. CMS systems offer thousands of free and paid Layout themes, permit multiple Editors to manage the site and use their own Plug In system to expand functionality to add Blogs, Forms, Forms and Social Media. You can use the Automatic Script Installer inside of your cPanel to install over 100 CMS systems.

Online Store
If you plan to run a dedicated Store Front to sell products or services, there are over 30 Store Front and Shopping Cart systems such as Open Cart , Presta Shop or Abante Cart hat can be installed using the Script Installer inside your cPanel Server. The Installer has links to Demo systems so you can test each Script before installing it.

Computer Design Software
Free or commercial Web Design Software is available for Windows or Macintosh in our Webmaster Resources Guide. After installing the software on your computer you setup an FTP account on your server to syncronize the files. The advantage of this system is its slightly faster to build the site and generally more secure.

Manually Editing or Creating HTML You can install a number of pre-made templates using the Script Installer Template Express, or locate free or commercial web templates online. You can then edit the template code manually, using tools like Kompozer or the File Managers HTML editor within your cPanel.

Adding Functionality
After you build your website you can use the Script Installer to add Blogs, Forum Boards, Guest Books, Image Galleries, RSS feeds, Wikis and more to your website.

Website Planning Guide
No matter which system you decide use to build your website you will need to consider how you will organize files and navigation and learn about optimizing image compression and resolution for viewing online. We have created this simple Website Planning Guide to help get you started.

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