Website Problems

Website Problems

  • Website Cannot Be Found: 1. go to and log into your Account Portal, if you get a firewall notice read the reason our security system blocked you. 2. Confirm that the Domain is active (not expired) in the Domain section and the hosting is active in the services section. 3. Confirm the domain Name Servers client are properly set to our name servers & ns2.lowesthosting.com4. view any emergency maintenance notices in your Account Area. 5. If you don't see the firewall message then the issue may be your ISP or one of the connecting backbones dropping packets or not connecting to our server. Try viewing your site via a Proxy such askproxy.comand if you see your site, then the issue is your ISP and you should go to the Tools section and run a local traceroute to determine the problem.
  • Website Loads and Domain Displays in Browser but Shows Error: Use File Manager to verify your Home Page is named index.htm or index.html or index.php and is properly in the public_html directory. If you are running any PHP scripts check the log.php or errorlog.php files within your scripts directory for more information or open a support ticket.
  • Website Updates Don't Display: If you uploaded new files but you don't see them 1. Your browser may be caching the old site files. Clear browser temporary files and retry. If no change, log into cPanel / File Manager and verify that files were put into public_html and not a subdirectory (often caused by specifying a path in your FTP software).
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