FTP Problems

  FTP Problems

  • FTP Connection Error:  Verify you're notFirewalled, next verify you're using correct ftp server/ user/ password. Login to cPanel, click on FTP ""change password" to update or "configure FTP Client" to view FTP account settings.

  • Upload Fails:  Make sure youDo NOT Set An Initial Directory In Your FTP Software or Design Program since your FTP account will automatically put your files into the public_html directory.

  • FTP Connects But Triggers Firewall:  If uploading or downloading files using FTP software you keep tripping the Firewall, your FTP software is likely set to request too many simultaneous connection threads. Modify your software settings to reduce the number of threads to 10 or less. (more threads does not increase throughput only more slower threads).

  • Upload Successful But Can't See Changes On Website:  Clear your browser temporary file cache and retry. If the problem persists, use the cPanel/File Manager to view files and verify your paths are correct and your files are directly within the public_html folder. It's very common for users to upload their website folder into the public_html directory instead of the files within the folder into the directory.Make sure the FTP name you create is NOT the same as your domain name.

  • Home Page Won't Automatically Open:  Your home page must be named index.htm or index.html or index.php for it to automatically open. If you named it home.htm or site.htm you will need to rename the page which can be done using the File Manager or FTP.
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