Renewing Your Domains

Domain Name Management

Manually Renewing Your Domains:

Domains can be managed renewed at any time as long as they are current. Our automated billing will use the previous years TERM and generate a new renewal invoice or notifidcation email 33 days prior to expiration. Should you wish to renew them manually before that date go to the Domains / Renew Domains menu to list all your domains and the number of days until expiration. You may renew each domain from 1 to 5 years to generate a single renewal invoice or add years to each domain and then do a single manual bulk renewal. If you wish to update your default renewal term please open a support ticket and request the new term from 1 to 5 years.

Domain Renewal Pricing:

Domains renew on a sliding scale based upon the term. Domain renwals are non refundable.


1 Year $12.95 None
2 Years $12.49 Term Discount: (Save 4%)
3 Years $11.95 Term Discount: (Save 8%)
4 Years $11.49 Term Discount: (Save 11%)
5 Years $10.95 Term Discount: (Save 15%)



What happens If I don't pay my domain renewal? sends 2 renewal notices and 1 expiration notice to your authorized billing email address. In addition, our registrar will send 2 ICANN mandated expiration notices to the domain's administrative email address listed in the whois. Upon expiration, your domain's Name Servers will be set to a parking page with a message that the domain has expired and to contact to renew it.

Upon Domain expiration any Hosting, Email or DNS services we provide will cease to function even if they are active and paid in full. You have a limited window in which you can renew your domain without penalty fees or risk of complete loss.

Grace Period: From expiration to expiration+37 days is the Grace Period in which you are given the courtesy to renew the domain exclusively through at our normal renewal rate by logging into your Account and paying the invoice that will have been created.

Redemption Period: From expiration+38 to expiration+90 days the domain goes into the Redemption Penalty period where you must pay a $129 registry fee in order to recapture the domain, plus the normal domain renewal fee. When a domain is redeemed it retains its original registration start date. Log into your Account and open a support ticket to confirm your domain is redeemable and our Domain department will generate a special payment invoice.

Deletion Period: From expiration+91 days to expiration+106 days, the domain will be in the Deletion Period where it is being readied to be released back into the registry and it can be ordered as a new domain by anyone desiring it. Note: Domain speculators will often setup domain sniping software to register formerly active domains that had high traffic or are of good name value in seconds upon their release, so there is no guarantee that you will be able to order the domain as new when it is released.

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