Domain Verification

ICANN Domain Validation / Verification

ICANN — the organization that manages the Domain Name System has implemented new rules as of 2014 that require all domain registrars and their agencies mandate domain owners verify domain registrant information for any of the following conditions:


  • A new domain is registered with unverified contact information.
  • A domain is transfered to a new owner.
  • A domain registrant updates their email address or phone number with unverified information.
  • We are notified or have reason to believe that a domains contact info is invalid.
  • A domain's 30-day or 5-day renewal notice (also called "WDRP") bounces.

All communication by the registrar is directly to your domain's Registrant / Administrative Email as last updated by you and may not be the same as your Billing Information.

Per our Terms of Service, it is your responsibility to maintain your domain information to be accurate in agreement with ICANN whois accuracy requirements
Domain information is completely separate from your Account Billing System and it is outside of our control or responsibility to know what email addresses or phone numbers you use or if they are active or routinely checked or updated further the domain is not our property to

If you received an email asking you to validate your domain its important that you follow the procedures to approve the validation or your domain will be disabled by the registry. Domain validation emails are sent to the Domain Administrative Email Address so its very important to keep your domain information up to date.

If your domain is paid up and your website server online but your domain doesn't resolve, then your domain may have failed validation. This can be due to your missing / ignoring emails sent to you or due to having an old email address listed for the domain that needs updating. You can do a whois check whois information and if your domains Status is "on hold" then it requires your validation.

Domain information is separate from billing information if verify is required, 2 emails will be sent to the domains current administrative email contact.
The first email notifies that your domain will require verification and includes your current domain whois information and reminds you to update your domain if it is not correct. You can then log into your and go to the Domains / MyDomains / Domain Details section to unlock and edit your domain contact information to update it if required.

The second email will contain a unique link that will take you to a verification page at as shown above. Simply review the information and if correct click the verify button and no other action is required.

It is crucial that you verify your domain or your domain will be disabled at the registry level causing your website and email to be disrupted.



In most cases its because the owner has not checked the email address that they specified for the domains registrant  where the verification notice / request was sent.  You can  log into your account and under domains view the domain's whois information or go to to check it and once you know which email address is used for the registrant check it, locate the verification notice and approve it which will remove the domain hold.

If the registrant email used on your domain  has been abandoned but you never updated the domain to use an active email , log into your account at go to the domains section and select the domain, go to the lock section and unlock and SAVE the unlocked state, then go to the contact information and update the domain's  Registrant, Administrative and Billing email to one you wish to use and SAVE.  Upon saving a new verification email will automatically be sent to the updated email address, check your email and approve the notice which will reinstate your domain.


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