Domain Verification

ICANN Domain Validation / Verification

ICANN — the organization that manages the Domain Name System has implemented new rules as of 2014 that require all domain registrars and their agencies mandate domain owners verify domain registrant information for any of the following conditions:


  • A new domain is registered with unverified contact information.
  • A domain is transferred to a new owner.
  • A domain registrant updates their email address or phone number with unverified information.
  • We are notified or have reason to believe that a domains contact info is invalid.
  • A domain's 30-day or 5-day renewal notice (also called "WDRP") bounces.

All communication by the registrar is directly to your domain's Registrant / Administrative Email as last updated by you and may not be the same as your Billing Information.

Per our Terms of Service, it is your responsibility to maintain your domain information to be accurate in agreement with ICANN whois accuracy requirements
  Domain information is completely separate from your Account Billing System and self managed via your Account Portal.  It is outside of our control or responsibility to know what email addresses or phone numbers you use or if they are active or routinely checked or updated further the domain is not our property to modify.

If you received an email asking you to validate your domain its important that you follow the procedures to approve the validation or your domain will be disabled by the registry. Domain validation emails are sent to the Domains  Registrant and Administrative email address(s) so its very important to keep your domain information up to date.


If your domain is paid up and your website server online but your domain doesn't resolve (you get your ISP website not found error), you can confirm if the domain status is on "hold" by the registry by doing a whois check at  .  The Status will says " Domain Status: clientHold ". 


The only way your domain can be put on hold is when the domain verification requests sent to your domains registrant and administrative email address(s) bounced as non deliverable or were ignored.  This can be due to your receiving them but thinking they were unimportant, or them going into your spam folder or sent to an email address you don't check regularly or an email that no longer works because you never updated it.  Log into your Account at and go to the Domains section to view the domains 'Contacts" to confirm which email address(s) are  currently in use for your Domain.  Once you know what email address was used the status of that email address will determine your actions below:

IF YOUR DOMAINS REGISTRANT EMAIL IS ACTIVE AND YOU CAN ACCESS IT:  log into the email account in question and search for domains with subject verify or verification or until you locate one of them and click on the link to approve the verification and your domain will resume working within a few minutes.  Note you may need to clear your browser cache and reload your page.  Note If your registrant email is part of your domain which is on hold you may still be able to access the old emails from the webmail system in your cPanel or old emails on your phone or software that still contain the verification link.

IF YOUR DOMAINS REGISTRANT EMAIL IS INACTIVE ( email sent to it bounces back as non deliverable ):  This means a "Trade Email" is not required so you can directly update your domain with new information.  Log into  your Account Portal and go to the domains section, locate the domain and unlock it then go to the Contacts section and update  your Registrant and Administrative and Billing Email to a new working email address.  Upon saving a NEW verification email will be sent to the updated email address which you will need to Approve before the domain hold will be removed.

IF YOUR DOMAINS REGISTRANT EMAIL IS ACTIVE ( email sent to it don't bounce back) BUT YOU CAN NOT ACCESS IT:  If the email address is working meaning it can receive email without them bouncing but you forgot how to access it  and lost the ability to recover access then a Trade Email is required to update the domain and you will not be able to update the domain yourself.  Open a support ticket and provide the domain name and a new working email address you wish it to be updated to and allow up to 48 hours for us to have the domain reset at the registrar and a new verification email resent to the updated address.

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