Managing Your Lowest Hosting Supplied Domains

  Domain Name Management

Viewing and Updating Your Domains:

Active Domains can be managed individually or in bulk from within your Account Portal.  Domain information should not be confused with your Account Billing information. 

Information you enter into your Account Billing is used by to define your Account Owner and Users for billing and support and is private information.
Information used to update your domain is listed in the public WHOIS and can be seen by anyone doing a domain WHOIS lookup unless you ordered domain privacy with your domain or add it on later which can be done by opening a support ticket.

Your Account portal permits you to manually renew any domain at any time or View your domains or make changes to the domain's Registrant or Administrative, Billing or Technical information or Name servers.   Note due to legal and security reasons Lowesthosting staff is not permitted to modify or update domain information in any way.

If is providing your hosting or email or forwarding the domain name servers must be set to our network &



You can manage a single domain or multiple bulk domains through your Account Portal "Domains / My Domains menu" which will list all your domains and permit you to view their status and expiration. 

To make changes to your domain(s) y
ou will need to unlock the domain(s) and then save the unlocked state before making changes.   Once unlocked  you can use the modify the domains name servers or contact Information for Registrant , Administrator, Billing or Technical Information.

IMPORTANT NEW RULES THAT APPLY TO DOMAIN UPDATES:  New ICANN rules no longer permit major changes (any change other than name server updates) to your domain without the approval validation that is sent to the domains EXISTING Registrant email. 

This means if you make any change to the current domain's  Registrant or Administrator  Contact, Address, Phone or Email address will be accepted by our system but held in Queue by the Registrar and Registry until you verify and approve the changes via a special link sent to you in an email TO YOUR CURRENT REGISTRANT EMAIL ADDRESS.

This means that you should check the email address listed on the domain for the verification email and approve it before the changes will actually take place.
If you lost access to the email address originally used for the domain you will need to re-authenticate via the domain verification process.

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