Server Side Includes (SSI)

SSI Server Side Includes

Server Side Includes (SSI)  is an interpreted Perl like programming language embedded within html pages that can run commands thatInclude another file,  Display dates and time from the server or  Display file information.  In order to instruct the server to process a page containing SSI you must name the page must be run from within your public_html directory or sub directory and end in the .shtml suffix  ie:   somefile.shtml 


Correct SSI syntax is critical.  

  • Commands and arguments are in lowercase letters
  • The double quotes around the value are required
  • There is no space until after the command
  • That hash mark (#) is required
  • There is a space after the second double quote, before the second double hyphen (at the end)


The Include Command :  <!--#include file="included.html" -->

The File Argument:    <!--#command argument="value" -->

The Virtual Argument: <!--#include virtual="/directory/included.html" -->


The Included File: can be html or .txt file 

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