Sub Domains

Subdomains are used to generate separate URL's for different sections of your website. They use your main domain name and a prefix. For example, if your domain is, a sub-domain of your domain might be In general, subdomains are not as desirable as sub directories because they may not be indexed by many search engines, and can cause confusion to users and added complexity to maintain. The trend is to use sub-directories such as as they facilitate easier navigation from the primary domain.

Because of the complexity and limited use of Subdomains, by default this feature is not displayed in our default hosting 1000 package. Simply open a support ticket to request free upgrade to hosting 1000 advanced, and the new Icon will appear in your cPanel.


Our standard hosting package includes all of the most common features used by 99.9% of our clients. To reduce clutter and complexity we turn off a few features which tend to cause confusion or would allow an inexperienced users without proper technical knowledge to mess up their account. If you are a power user or developer that requires these features you can self upgrade from hosting 1000 to hosting 1000 Advanced via your Account Portal or simply open a support ticket. There is no extra charge.

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