DNS Zone Delegation

Custom DNS

If you are using Lowesthosting.com as your hosting, email or forwarding provider, and your domain is set to our master name servers NS1.Lowesthosting.com and NS2.Lowesthosting.com so our system is authoritative for DNS and all DNS Zone Delegation would be done through our name servers. Our default DNS zones have been preset to provide proper routing for all services we provide.

Using Your Own or Another Providers Mail Servers (MX Records)


Because of the complexity of DNS delegation and to protect our customers from accidentally delinking services or abusing our name server, by default custom DNS / MX control is not displayed within your cPanel. Simply open a support ticket to request free upgrade to hosting 1000 advanced and the new Icons will appear in your cPanel.



You can modify your MX Records to add mail servers from another provider, modify priority or to allow multiple mail servers to be added. For example, you can route their MX through an external provider for Gmail or a Microsoft Exchange Server and retain the Lowesthosting.com mail server as a redundant backup.

You can create and edit DNS Zone records in real-time for the following services:

  • A Records (IPv4 Address)
  • AAAA Records (IPv6 Address)
  • CNAME Records (CNAME Alias)
  • MX Records (Mail Server)
  • SPF Records (Mail Verification)
  • NS Records (Name Servers)
  • TXT Records (Text Records)

If you need to make changes to any other zones please open a support ticket and specify what you require.

Zone Changes are pushed to the Master Name Servers instantly upon saving but may take up to 24 hours for changes to propagate.


WARNING: DNS zone delegation can be complex and should only be modified by someone knowledgeable in network routing. Once you modify your DNS zones you are routing that service off the Lowesthosting.com network and can only provide support for services we provide. Contact your target provider for assistance.

Our standard hosting package includes all of the most common features used by 99.9% of our clients. To reduce clutter and complexity we turn off a few features which tend to cause confusion or would allow an inexperienced users without proper technical knowledge to mess up their account. If you are a power user or developer that requires these features you can self upgrade from hosting 1000 to hosting 1000 Advanced via your Account Portal or simply open a support ticket. There is no extra charge.

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