Updating Your Domain Contact (Whois) Information

Who is information of your domain is managed via the "Contacts" section within the "Domains" menu of your your account portal .

1.  Log into account at client.lowesthosting.com

2.  Go to domains section and select the  domain you wish to modify.

3.  Unlock the domain (if you don't you will get an error when trying to make updates) To access the domain options go to Domains  / My  Domains and select the domain and click the wrench icon to display the options, then click the register lock button to unlock the domain then the contacts button to edit and save.

4.  Go to contacts and edit the various information fields for the Registrant / Administrator and Billing Contacts as needed.  ICANN Demands that all domains use accurate contact email and will send various whois update and verification notices to the domains email so its important that you use a working email address when done click the SAVE button.

Updating a domains email no longer works the way it used to. ICANN changed the rules for updating domains to insure better security which they call a "trade". This new policy is an extra step to insure the domain update is authorized and applies when the original email address on the domain is ACTIVE (mail sent to it doesn't bounce).

Any time you update the email address on your domain, the interface will show the new entry but its actually only pending. A Trade authorization email is sent to the original email address requesting confirmation that you must approve before the registrar will actually update the whois to the new email address. This means if  you do change the Administrator or Registrant email you must take note of its original email and check it for the "Trade" authorization email and approve it so your new entry is.

Please keep in mind we have no control over these ICANN policies its the same for all domain registrars and agents. 

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