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  Webmail System.             webmail.yourdomain

Once you've created your email accounts on the server, the webmail system will let you or your users manage their email accounts and select a webmail system to send or receive email from any internet connected web browser.  It also includes a set of  productivity tools of Calendar, Notepad, Tasks, Address book.  The system is compatible with all major web browsers and uses IMAP mail function to allow you to create virtual folders and categorize your emails.

1. Click on the Webmail Icon in cPanel or go to webmail.yourdomain.com and enter your full email address and password.




2. Manage the Email Account Options or Select the Web Mail reader that you wish to use to read your email.

You or your users can choose to update the email accounts password, add forwarders to email sent to this account and forward copies to external email accounts, add an auto responder to automatically reply to senders with the message of your choice, or setup an email filter to forward, move or delete emails based upon the senders subject or body text.


example of horde groupware login.

When you first login click "Folder Actions" to expand the virtual folder view.


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