Email sent to certain users is being flagged by recipients system as Spam

Lowesthosting used industry standard Exim mail servers that are configured to comply with RFC standards which include  SPF / DKIM and DMARC DNS zones to facilitate email acceptance.  We also monitor all mail servers to insure our mail server IPs are NOT on any major RBL black lists and have a neutral or better email reputation.

We only provide you with the system, what you send and who you send it to is your responsibility and since each email is unique and sent from a variety of systems, when a problem occurs it must be analyzed on a case by case basis.

If you use an EXTERNAL system to relay or send email such as a third party mailer like mailchimp or a third party webmail system or CMS that sends with their own mail server with a reply to or From address of your mail account(s) then you must update your SPF record so that their server is listed as authorized in your DNS zone to send email for your domain otherwise it can cause it be score as spam.

We scan all outbound email for spam to prevent the spread of spam and insure our mail servers don't get on an RBL blacklist.  Our servers will only accept mail you wish to send that has a spam assassin score of 5 or less to insure the email you send is not  characteristic of Spam however just because we permit it to send doesn't guarantee delivery.  If you are not sure if an email you sent was accepted you can use the cpanel / email / track delivery system to view inbound and outbound email delivery events.

We can only control our systems we have no control over the recipients mail server rules which can include rejection from forwarders, rejections due to a problem with their RBL not being updated, rejection or flagging of email due to their having very sensitive spam filters that don't accept emails with multiple CC / BCC or that don't like your subject or body keywords, attachment type or size, links to external websites, the rate or quantity of emails you send to their domain per unit time or email account or black lists defined by their mail server administrator or the recipient.

If after sending the recipients system REJECTS and Bounces Back message it will generally say WHY their system refused it such as Mailbox Full or Email Account don't exist or mail server can not be reached or due to spam score or other reasons. 

If the email is ACCEPTED by the recipients mail server but FLAGGED as spam it means the content or other factors of your email triggered their spam filter and the recipient must either whitelist your email address OR they can view the email headers and most systems will provide the spam scoring as to why it was flagged by their system and they can contact their mail server administrator for assistance in modifying their spam filter rules or they can contact us if they find something on our end that is out of compliance.

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