DKIM / SPF / DMARC Policies

SPF  (Sender Policy Framework)   and DKIM (Domain Key Identified Mail ) are systems  that help to identify which mail server(s) ip(s)  are authorized to send email  and authenticate that email is not spoofed .

We check all inbound email sent to you against SPF and DKIM and where it fails  those emails will be logged and marked as SPAM and processed based on your spam routing rules.

We also have SPF and DKIM is enabled  for all  mail account so that  outbound mail you send  will pass most spam checks and has a higher likelihood of being delivered.

We do not subscribe or broadcast DMARC at this time.  Dmarc is not a requirement for mail servers to operate and has nothing to do with the sending or authentication of email, its an OPTIONAL set of policy data that the sending mail server may choose to publish via DNS zone that tells recipient servers (that choose to check and comply with it) how they "prefer" to have mail returned for spf / dkim failures and who to notify for error reporting.

We don't check / publish dmarc because we already have standard spf / dkim fail policies and don't waste time or server resources  to hold up delivery for our clients doing dmarc lookups because we would not follow them anyway. 

For example when someone sends you an email that FAILS the SPF (sender policy framework) check, we already have our own policy of always accept the email but mark as spam and route according to your spam routing preferences which for most clients is put it into their spam folder.  We don't need to waste time to hold that email in queue (delay) while we ask the senders DNS server what their dmarc policy is how they prefer we process SPF fails or who to notify as we already have a policy in place.  Its the responsibility of the sender to make sure if their own users are sending mail that constantly fails Dkim / SPF to find and fix the client and that happens naturally by itself so even the "reporting" part of the dmarc is of minimal value since most competent mail server admins handle issues in house.


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