Updated 1/1/2023


TLD TYPE REGISTRATION TRANSFER RENEWAL (save up to 22% with longer terms)
.com .net .org .us .me .co $12.95 $12.95   $12.95 5yr / $13.45 4yr / $13.95 3yr / $14.45 2yr / $14.95 1yr
.info $12.49 $12.95   $17.95 5yr / $18.55 4yr / $18.95 3yr / $19.45 2yr / $19.95 1yr
.biz $12.95 $12.95   $16.05 5yr / $16.45 4yr / $17.05 3yr / $17.50 2yr / $17.95 1yr
.ca $19.95 $19.95   $17.95 5yr / $18.55 4yr / $18.95 3yr / $19.45 2yr / $19.95 1yr
Domain Privacy $3.95     Add Domain Privacy to any domain for just .33 cents/month



100GB SSD Raid storage 100 email accounts Commercial Anti Spam, Drag and Drop Site Builder or Wordpress, E-commerce, Free SSL, 25 Databases Multiple PHP Versions, Daily off drive archival backups, 24/7 USA based servers and support included.Each Hosting account has its own stand alone cPanel user license.  Commercial Cloud Linux high security operating system,  Imunify-360 Commercial Firewall protection.

First Year $6.95/month   Signup Discount: (Save 16% - 21%)  Free domain or 2 months hosting credit
2 Years $6.49/month   Term Discount: (Save another   9%)
3 Years $5.95/month   Term Discount: (Save 18%)
More than 3 Years On Quote  Contact Sales for additional discounts for Web Designers and Major accounts with Terms over 4 years or over 3 hosting accounts




50GB SSD storage and up to 50 custom email accounts, POP3 / IMAP / Webmail / Commercial Spam Filtering / Daily Backups.   Each Email account has its own stand alone cPanel user license.

1 Year $3.95/month   Signup Discount: (Save 16% - 21%)  Free domain or 2 months hosting credit
2 Years $3.49/month   Term Discount: (Save another   9%)
3 Years $2.95/month   Term Discount: (Save another 20%)
More than 3 Years On Quote  Contact Sales for Terms over 4 years or over 5 email accounts
      All totals and discounts will be displayed in the shopping cart upon checkout 



Custom cPanel Stand alone DNS Control Panel and use of our name servers.  Add URL forwarding, Frame Forwarding and control DNS A records, Cname / TXT / MX zones.  Can be added  to any Domain (regardless if we provide it.  Perfect for adding email and dns for externally hosted accounts.


Any $.75 /month   $9 per year



NOTICE TO LEGACY CUSTOMERS:  There was a small price change in hosting and domains an increase of .03 to .06 cents per day that was done as of 1/1/2023 as posted on our website 


This is the first price adjustment we have ever had since we began 23 years ago.   During the past 23 years we have had 10 internal domain registry price increases and cPanel increased their licensing pricing 4000% and we had upgraded our servers multiple times to the latest SSD hardware and added the latest commercial Cloud Linux High Security Operating System, Imunify-360 Firewall and security suite,  Jet Backup off drive Archival Backup system, New Drag and Drop Website Builder and most recently New Magic-Spam Spam filters all of which increases our cost but allows us to provide you with top quality systems.  On top of that our bandwidth and labor costs have gone up and we are one of the only hosts that still provides 100% US based servers and staff and our datacenter labor costs have increased 1000%.


In short we have been severely undercharging for years and if we didn't adjust pricing we could not afford to stay in business and our new pricing is still the lowest in the industry.


We have never compromised on what we provide which is why our support is unparalleled and our system uptime consistently beats industry standards over 99.999% which means you can count on your website and email to be working.  


If we just kept up with annual inflation over those 23 years the price would be more than doubled and if we kept with industry pricing norms our pricing should have tripled.  The updated pricing is still less than half the cost of Godaddy and Hostgator or all the other hosts who charge $12.99 to 15.99/month for renewal pricing for less storage space, slower hardware, fewer core features, off shore Support staff, who don't even offer what we include in our base package. A single commercial (domain based Gmail or Outlook email account today is $10 month alone).



Your old Annual hosting was $4.95/m and the new pricing is now just $6.95/m for the annual plan however you can lower that to as low as $5.95/m if you change from our 1 year annual plan to 3 year triennial hosting plan which is only $1 more per month.  The price update is minor costing  just  3.2  to 6.5 cents more per day than you currently pay depending upon your term.


We are still updating our billing systems so if you wish to change your Hosting Term or have any other questions please open a support ticket and our staff will address any changes desired.


As always we appreciate your patronage and we will continue to earn your trust and loyalty  to provide trouble free reliable inexpensive web and world class support service for your personal and business needs.

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