Transferring Your Account To New Owner

Transferring Your Account and ALL Account Assetts To New Owner
If your goal is to transfer ownership of the entire Account to a new Company, Organization or Individual, you can do this yourself by logging into your Account and updating 3 areas:

1. Go to the Domain section, unlock each domain and update its Contact Information to the New Owner Information.
2. Go to the Sub-Account Users section and remove any Users who should no longer receive notices or have Account access.
3. Carefully Edit the main Account Profile (that currently has your name/email/address/phone  with that of the new owner and save it.

You can then contact the new owner and then tell them to go to the LOST PASSWORD RESET where they can enter their Email address to receive an Account password reset.  Keep in mind once you do the above you are no longer our client or able to manage any of the clients resources unless the new owners adds you to their Account as a Sub-Account User.

Retaining  Your Account and Transferring Select Assets To New Owner
If you have multiple Domains and or Servers and wish to transfer only select items we will create a New Account for the person and entity you specify and then move just those domains and services that you designate to the new Account.
  This will release ownership of the assets to the new Account and you will no longer have access to your former domains or services or receive billing for them unless the new owners adds you to their Account as a Sub-Account User.

Please open a new support Ticket ( via your Account Portal or authorized Account email to subject "Account Split Out Request" and provide the information below:



Which Domains and / or Services (Hosting, Email, Forwarding ) you wish to move to new ownership:

Domain Name 1:  XXXXXXXX    Associated Service 1:  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (specify whatever package you have ie: hosting or forwarding etc)

Domain Name 2:  XXXXXXXX    Associated Service 2:  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Domain Name 3:  XXXXXXXX    Associated Service 3:  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Our staff shall create a new billing ACCOUNT , move the services to their Account, update all domains to the new owner, reset the account and ftp passwords, and notify you when completed as well as send the new owner a welcome email with instructions.

Domain Transfers
If you are trying to do an inter registrar domain transfer  to a new registrar this has nothing to do with the above, see the Domains Section of our Knowledge Base.

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