Add Sub Account Users (Managers, Webmasters, Designers, Etc )

Adding Authorized Users via Sub-Accounts

For legal and security reasons, only authorized persons are permitted to open support tickets, access the servers or make changes to the Account .   


Our Account system identifies authorized users by their Email address and Password specified in your Account. Every Account has One Primary Profile email address and you can create additional sub-users for yourself or managers, web designers or billing personnel each with its own contact name, phone, email and assign them access permissions. This will allow you to give your webmaster access to open support tickets without them having the ability to control your domains or modify your billing profile.


NOTE: Account users are not to be confused with email accounts that you create on your private server.

Every email address in our Account system must be unique to one user so that tickets and history are properly mapped. Every Sub-Account must also use a unique email address that is not already listed within our system AND the Active Sub-Account box must be checked. If the webmaster is already in our system you will need to either ask them for another email address or create a unique email address for them on your server ie: and use it for their Sub-Account.



You can assign permissions so that your webmaster can open support requests only or also have access to your server(s) or change your servers main access passwords. You can also designate other contacts to receive Billing Notices or Manage your Domains.


NOTE: You are creating sub accounts for staff to access your ACCOUNT PORTAL from which they can access your cPanel. Creating sub-accounts grants your users the ability to log into the Account Portal and view or open tickets or log into cPanel from the Account Portal itself or view the direct cPanel login or change its password.





Sub Accounts Access Roles and Permissions
For Webmasters
View Products & Services: This will display your server(s) and let them log into the server using the cPanel Login Link
View & Open Support Tickets: Let them communicate with support
Allow Single Signon This must be checked to permit them to access your servers from their sub account login
View & Modify Product Passwords: Will let them view or reset your servers login and current password.
OPTIONALView Domains: Permits webmaster to view what domains you have (but not modify them)
For Owners You already have a default profile. You can Add other Managers or Co-owners or Accounting Staff
Modify Master Account Profile: This user can update your primary profile.
View & Pay Invoices: This user can view and pay any open invoices or renew domains
Place New Orders / Upgrades / Cancelations: This should only be done by the owner
View and Manage Contacts: This user can add or edit Sub-Accounts
Manage Domain Settings: This user can modify your domain owner and Name server information
Allow Single Signon: This must be checked to permit them to access your servers from their sub account login

Sub-Account Passwords: When you create sub-users you can assign them an initial password and provide it to the user (they can change it on login) or leave it blank. If you leave it blank instruct your Sub-Account User which email account you specified for their User Account and tell them the first time they login they will need to use the "lost password" option which will generate and send their password to their email.

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