Reset Your Account Password

Resetting Your Account Portal Password

Your account can have only ONE primary Account Email and Password which is used by the Owner and is NOT related to any other system.   You may use any email address you like and set any password but its crucial that you insure that the Account Email is always active and working otherwise if you ever lose your password the lost password link will not help you.

In addition to your Primary Account Email you may create additional Sub-Accounts for yourself each with its own unique Email and Password as a backup.

If you forgot your password click the Lost Password link  and enter any of your Authorized Account Email address.  If you enter the correct Account email, a password reset link will be sent to that email address allowing you to set a new password.

If You Are Unable To Receive Email

It is your responsibility to maintain a working email address in our system.  The Account system will permit you to log in even if the email on file is not working and once logged in you can update your email address to one that works. If you forgot your Account Password AND no longer have the ability to receive email to the address on file then you will need to re-authenticate account ownership so our staff can update your Account with a new working Email address.

Send an email to with your domain name and answer to your Secret Question or proof of purchase by supplying the date, amount and transaction ID from your your last Credit card or Paypal payment along with your old email address, and the new email address you wish updated and staff will update your Account Email and resend your Password.

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