Billing Questions

Billing Questions

How do I order more domains or hosting?

New Clients: Just go to the order page Website and place your order which will create your Account and auto provision your domain and services.

Existing Clients: Log into your Account and select Services / Order New Service menu. If you order from our website make sure you select existing client upon checkout so that the new order is added to your current Account.

Adding Services To An Existing Domain NOT supplied by Lowesthosting: After placing your order, go to your domain management portal supplied by your domain supplier and edit your domain's DNS to use Lowesthosting's name servers NS1.LOWESTHOSTING.COM & NS2.LOWESTHOSTING.COM

Adding Services To An Existing Domain SUPPLIED by Lowesthosting: If you're an existing client that purchased a domain in the past and now want to add hosting or email or forwarding, we must pro-rate those services to match your domain's current expiration date so your domain & service will remain on the same anniversary billing date. Please open a support ticket and our billing department will generate your pro-rated invoice.


How do I upgrade or downgrade my existing hosting or email?

To Upgrade or Downgrade: Just open a support ticket and supply the domain and service you have and what you wish to do. If you're upgrading to a higher cost service we will cancel and credit the value of the legacy service and apply it towards the pro-rated new service. If you're downgrading to a lower priced package, we will offer you the option of receiving an account credit or refund.

  • Domain Names are Non Refundable therefore have no exchange or upgrade value.
  • SSL Certificates are Non Refundable and have no exchange or upgrade value.


When will I receive my renewal notice and how do I pay it?

Renewal Notice Schedule: A renewal Invoice will be generated automatically and a notice sent to your official Account email 33 days days prior to expiration . In addition under ICANN rules if we supply your domain additional notices will be sent upon 33, 30, 14 days prior to domain expiration even if your account is set to autopay. Our new billing system give you the option to automatically renew domains if you have a current credit card on file or you can log into yourAccount Portalat any time and renew your domain or open a support ticket to request your service renewal invoice to be generated earlier.

What should I do if I didn't receive my renewal notice?

Renewal Not Received: Renewal notification emails are sent 33 days prior to expiration to your Accounts main email address and any other Sub Accounts you have added which you designated to receive Billing Emails. If your email address has not changed, please check your spam/junkmail folder. If you've changed your email address and did not update it with us, please login to your Account using your old email address and the billing password sent in your original Welcome email and update it.


What methods of payment do you accept?

Payment Methods: accepts Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Check via Secure online Electronic Funds Transfer. If you wish to pay via American Express or Discover please select Paypal as they will permit you to open an account using either method of payment. We do not accept mailed in paper checks.  Any paper checked mailed to our office will either be returned by postmaster or destroyed.


What is my Default Payment Method ?

Default Payment Method: The billing system sets your default payment method ie:  credit card or paypal based upon your initial order.  This means when invoices are generated they will display your default payment method on the invoice in the  upper right however there is a drop down menu that allows you to make payment for that specific invoice from credit card to paypal or echeck.  If you want to use automated credit card payments then your default payment method MUST be changed to credit card.  To change your default payment method  please open a support ticket and request your default payment method to be modified and specify if you want it for a specific service or all services. 

If your default payment method is Paypal our system will not automatically pay the open invoice even if you have an active credit card saved in our system.

How Do I Setup Automatic Payment of Invoices  ?

Automatic Payments: Our billing system  generates an invoice 33 days prior to domain/service expiry regardless of payment method.  
You can setup automatic payments to pay invoices generated for domains & hosting services using credit card or Paypal Subscription.   If your default payment method is currently credit card you simply pay your invoice online and check the save card on file or log into your account go to payment methods and add a credit card and check.  You can add multiple credit cards but the one you want tried first must be set to default.  If your default card is expired you must update it or set an alternate card to be the new default. If you prefer to use Paypal, your invoice will have 2 payment buttons a pay now or pay via subscription.  Use the pay via subscription to setup a Paypal subscription to send funds automatically every year.  We do not suggest using Paypal subscriptions as any change in pricing or tax can cause the payment sent to be insufficient resulting in the invoice being partly paid but services not renewed.

For customers who have Credit Card Autopay setup it then pays the invoice 10 days prior to due date and upon that payment date sends a payment receipt via email and updates the invoice as paid.  some things we offer like Domain renewals are non refundable and many users have multiple items on their invoice so the invoice is always sent regardless of autopay status to formally notifying you  of whats renewing, when its due and the cost so you know what to expect and gives you a 20 day time window to make any changes or contact us should you want to removing domains or services or modify a service term from annual to lower cost biannual or triennial term before its paid.  The system will also notify you if there is ever a problem like credit card declined or card expired  so you can login and update it allowing plenty of time to get it resolved before a domain or service expires.

How Do Account Credit Balances Work?

Account Balance Use:  Account balances are displayed in your account portal.  An account balance occurs any time that (a) you send funds from a subscription payment that can not be applied or  (b) you cancel hosting services and wish the balance to be prorated and applied as an account credit  or (c) you manually add funds to your account via the add funds option in your account portal.    Balances can be manually applied in any proportion to any open invoice.  If you have an account balance when you open your invoice it will display an option to to allow you to specify the amount of credit to apply to the invoice.   Credit balances are not automatically applied and the owner must specify which invoice and which amount of the credit they wish to apply .


How can I cancel my services?

Canceling Services: If you're unhappy with our services, please let us know by opening a support ticket .  There are often solutions that we can offer you that are not published on our website or solutions our staff can assist you with once they fully understand your needs.

Cancelations can only be done by the owner/manager of the account. If you cancel a service mid year, your server will be canceled and a pro-rated refund issued to you in the form of account credit or refunded back to your credit card for cancellations within 90 days of purchase, or by Check or Paypal for transactions older than 90 days (this is due to Visa / Mastercard refund time limitations). Note: Domain Names and SSL Certificates are Non Refundable.

To cancel your account either open a support ticket with subject Cancel and specify each service you wish to cancel ie:  cancel hosting for domain x , cancel domain x   or use the  red cancel buttons to cancel hosting on  your account portal home page to submit an automated cancelation request.


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