Updating Your Account

Your Account is 100% self managed and contains information that you entered upon signup or you last updated.  If you make any changes to your Staff, Company or Organization , Email Address or Phone Number please make sure you update all applicable areas.

There are 3 areas within your ACCOUNT that contain email addresses and/or contact information for phone and address that you must maintain.

1. YOUR PROFILE: This is seen upon Account login and update when you log into your Account Portal and click the "update my details" or the "edit my details" submenu under  Hello Yourname.

2. Any additional Sub-Account Users that you setup as secondary for yourself or Other users such as Partners, Managers, Webmasters, Programmers etc.   Each Sub Account User has their own unique Email Address, Password and Permissions that you can specify or edit.

3. Your Domains which are initially set to your signup information also contains your domains Registrant (owner), its Administrator (manager) and Billing Contact (usually same as manager or owner) and Technical Contact (usually the name of the domain provider or agent).  Each of these contains a Name, Optional Organization or Company , Address, Email and Phone number.   Be aware that any infomration used for your domain is viewable via the public whois database.  Editing your Domain Information (for Domains supplied by Lowesthosting.com ) is done must be set to  via the Domain section of your Account.

It is not within the scope of our services to maintain, confirm or update your information.  Although our system will permit you to log into your account using a non working email address, Failure to update your information with a working email address may cause your non receipt of Billing notices, Domain Verification Notices,  Support Tickets, Abuse Notices, and can result in your website going down or permanent loss of your Domain(s).

If your goal is to transfer ownership in full or in part to to a new Company, Organization or Individual refer "Transferring Your Account To New Owner".
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