Customer Support Policies

Support addresses TECHNICAL, BILLING and DOMAIN MANAGEMENT issues that may involves third party Software and Mobile Devices that connect to our network as well as third party scripting that customers install on our servers.

Lowesthosting will provide free support to any Client or their Authorized Sub Account User provided the request can be authenticated.  This is a legal requirement to insure your account information is not accessed or changed unless by the appropriately authorized party and insures a written audit trail for all communications.  Basic support is included at no charge for common issues using our systems at the discretion of our staff.

There can be conditions that cause your server to appear down when in fact its due to  unpaid domain or hosting bills, non response for abuse tickets, domain verification failures, or multiple login failure events (for email, FTP or cPanel) that trigger the servers firewall to block your access so always log into your account to verify your service status as well as check our searchable knowledge base before opening a ticket.

Two Ways To Open a Support Ticket:  You may open a ticket by emailing from your Account or Sub-account email address or by logging into your account portal and selecting the open support ticket option.  All tickets are permanently logged to your Account History and are viewable at any time.

If you forgot your Account Email you can email support from ANY email and provide the domain and we will give you a hint.

If you have lost access to your Account Email you can email support and provide your last payment transaction id and date from your credit card or paypal payment and specify a new Account email and our staff will reset the account.

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