Technical and Phone Support Policies

Web Hosting is a highly complex field because it encompases  TECHNICAL, BILLING and DOMAIN MANAGEMENT issues and because we must interact with client managed FTP or Email Software and Mobile Devices that connect to our network as well as third party scripting that customers install on our servers.

In addition there can be conditions that cause your server to appear down when in fact its due to  unpaid domain or hosting bills, non response for abuse tickets, domain verification failures, or multiple login failure events (for email, FTP or cPanel) that trigger the servers firewall to block your access.

Most common issues are already addressed in our searchable Knowledge Base and don't require you to open a support ticket.

Opening a Support Ticket:  Lowesthosting will provide free support to any Client or their Authorized Sub Account User provided the request can be authenticated.  This is a legal requirement to insure your account information is not accessed or changed unless by the apropriatly authorized party and insures a written audit trail for all communcations.

You may open a ticket by emailing from your Account or Subaccount Email address OR by logging into your account portal and selecting the open support ticket option.  All tickets are permanently logged to your Account History and are viewable at any time.

We realize most of our clients are not techies and we are used to working with all types of customers and will do our best to provide simple answers and proceedures you can understand.

All of our staff at lowesthosting is 100% USA based, highly qualified in server management and networking, have a minimum of 7 years support experience and are effective at resolving issues quickly and at no charge as part of our hosting service. All support is managed via our Support Ticketing system which is permanently logged to your account history containing all communications and logs which staff was involved, what occurred, resolution or procedures and most importantly insures accurate and timely communication. Phone is not used for support unless its a highly unusual condition and requires escalation authorization. As an example try telling someone 

to copy this password &(HE_\{~ over the phone.

If your issue is not addressed via our online knowledge base or you don't understand it and need further assistance our support ticket procedure is as follows:

1. you must open a ticket (either by emailing from your authorized account Email address or by logging into your Account Portal)
2. you must clearly explain the issue and allow a reasonable amount of time for our staff to take the ticket, test and verify the complaint, compose a reply
3 you must fully cooperation and provide all data or address questions requested by our staff
4. our level 1 technicians will attempt to resolve the issue
5 . where our level 1 can not we escalate to level II we will reply and let you know we have escalated it to our Level II technicians
6. in rare cases where our level II can not resolve the issue via ticket (less than 1 ticket per 1000) the level II tech will release the ticket for voice escalation and either schedule a call back with a manager or provide a time window and phone code to reach the manager during a pre-agreed , prescheduled time slot at no charge.

If you want to circumvent the above and go direct to a manager the cost for consultation is $75/hour billed in 15 minute increments and can be prepaid via your account portal. Part of that cost is the time that the manager must spend with you as well as the time he must annotate your ticket for you but in the end he will ask the same questions and it can take longer to access a manager because they may not have a time slot available so we always suggest going through our normal support ticket channel first before considering a ticket escalation for call in or callback.


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