Account Corespondence

For legal and security reasons and to insure prompt quality support, all correspondence from is done via our account ticketing system .  You may initiate a support ticket by logging into  your Account portal at or  or via the link on our website and going to the support menus "Open New Ticket"  or you can sent an email FROM YOUR ACCOUNT EMAIL ADDRESS to and will be converted to support ticket.

Upon creation of a support ticket you will receive a formal ticket receipt within one minute with your ticket case number that will be used to communicate with any of our staff .  It is crucial that once you open a ticket you reply to the same ticket id so the conversation thread is continuous and understandable.  Our staff will internally assign and escalate the ticket to the applicable department and respond back in writing and all ticket history is archived to your account so you have a formal record.

All modern computers and phones permit you to use your voice to speak and convert it to text so you can speak to answer this ticket.  For windows see    For Macintosh see:

 You may view all past support tickets via your Account Portal support history and other operational email notices via your Email History which is below the "hello" menu in your Account Portal.


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