Email Signatures

Email Signatures allow you to auto sign email that you send with your name and website or company information or a logo or picture or  other information you want appended to every email you send. 

If you are using your mobile device and / or computer based email client software such as thunderbird or outlook then you would setup signatures according to those systems instructions.

If using either of the two webmail systems  provided by your cpanel Roundcube or Horde  then you would configure signatures for the webmail  reader itself.


1. Log into your Webmail dashboard and choose  Horde

2. Click on the Gear Icon and select Preferences > Mail > Horde mail preferences

3. Click on Personal Information. Horde personal info settings

4. Scroll to the Signature section and add your signature in the Your signature box.Horde signature box

5. If you want to use HTML in your signature, use the HTML editor. If you leave the HTML editor blank, then the text signature will be used.

6. Note: Any image that you use in the signature must be accessible through the Internet or it will not work. The safest way is to add the image by it’s URL. 



  1. Log into your Webmail dashboard and choose the RoundCube .
  2. From the RoundCube dashboard, click on the Settings option in the upper right corner of the screen.This brings you to the RoundCube Settings screen.
  3. Locate and click on the Identities tab. You are now on the Identities list screen.
  4. Find and click on the desired identity in the left hand panel.
  5. Clicking on the identity brings up two tabs in the right hand panel. Click on the Signatures tab. If you wish to use HTML in your signature, simply click the HTML Signature checkbox. This will cause the Signature field to change over for HTML allowing for special formatting.
  6. Enter your desired custom signature in the Signature field.
  7. Once entered, click on the Save button located underneath the tabs.You have now created your new email signature! 






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